Friday Five: Latest Features on Showit 5


2005 was a crazy year for many. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were still together, though Destiny’s Child had just announced that they were breaking up. Angelina Jolie also broke up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, with the release of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Took me a hot second to get over that one: #teamAnistonforlife. And in much more important news, 2005 was also the year that Hurricane Katrina came through and devastated New Orleans and surrounding states. A rough, rough year for many.

13628350_1570293206608922_681328446_nBut 12 years ago was also an amazing year for all of us here at Showit, and dare I say for the entire creative community at large! (Did I oversell that?) 2005 was the year that Showit was birthed. What started out as a thought in CEO Todd Watson’s genius brain, has now grown and flourished to serve hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of photographers and creatives and entrepreneurs to put their best, most polished foot forward via incredible websites.

Earlier this year, Showit5 was launched. What started out as a program that was mailed to you on a CD and uploaded onto your desktop, is now an intuitive app that you download, so that you have full access to your website any time, anywhere, ensuring that your potential clients are getting the best version of you on their mobile devices as well as their computers.

Something that you may or may not be aware of, is that the Showit machine is always working, always improving, always in the name of making your website kick butt and turn heads.

So here are some of the latest tweaks and improvements: 

1. Media Library!

When Showit5 came out, there was a space to upload the pictures you wanted for your website. But you photographers and other creative types have so many awesome photos! So then the Showit machine created the Media Library so that you could put all those beautiful pictures into folders and organize them!

Media Library



2. Media Folders!

The Media Library was birthed, but soon after, it developed with the ability to upload a folder of files all at once. This is just as exciting as watching your kid take it’s first steps. And then, as all folders should do, it matured with the ability to sort through the options in the media library. Who knows what our precious Media Folders will be able to do next, but make sure to check out the help docs every now and again to see what’s new and amazing.

Media Folders

3. Sliding Gallery!

The sliding gallery is such a fun feature, and is something that sets Showit5 apart from it’s competitors. Instead of just having your website be vertically scrolling, you can add a sliding gallery to really highlight your favorite pictures, and to have an extra dimension to your website. Your website doesn’t have to be a plain carrot- it’s an onion people! Play up the layers and make people cry! Happy tears.

Sliding Gallery

File_000 (2)

4. Tiled Gallery!

The tiled gallery is another fantastic way to make your website more visually stimulating, and to highlight more of your incredible work! It is simple enough to add a tiled gallery onto your canvas design.

Also, a few of the templates from the design store come with tiled galleries for you to drag and drop your pics onto, like this Creme and Mint from Ribbon and Ink.

Definitely watch the help document to see how to you can create this yourself. There are also a few creative Showiteers who have mastered the art of making Showit websites, and there are some really good YouTube videos on how you can make your website amazing too.

Add Tiled Gallery


5. The Design Market!

Design Market

We have had our design store for awhile now, but we get quite a few messages in our Facebook groups with people wishing that they could download a template to work with. Wish no longer dear friends! We have the Showit store with plenty of free, as well as not-free templates that you can download and make your very own. There are constantly new designs coming in, so go back and check it out every once in awhile.

left to right: golivehq – seaside creative – madeinthelab

I hope you learned something new that will help improve the look and layout of your Showit website. I know it’s a lot of tears and sweat getting from an idea to an actual finished product, but you can do it! And you don’t need to know any code to make it happen! (That’s Todd’s gift to the world – a gift that keeps on giving!)

Happy Friday!

PS. Major shout out to Jason who assembled this list for me! And you know he was excited to send me this list because each point was followed by an exclamation point!



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