See that header image up there? Four puzzle pieces not quite fitting together? It’s one thing to understand what each individual piece of our personality type means. It’s a whole other game to look at how those pieces all fit together, and sometimes it can feel like they just don’t. But this is where it […]

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Know Who You Are – Dreaming and Deciding

So you’ve been reading along in this series and have had all kinds of personal breakthroughs and new insights about how you view and interact with the world. Woo hoo! Hooray for learning and self-discovery and knowledge! Here’s the thing though: We’ve barely scratched the surface. Hooray…! Knowing what each of the letters mean creates […]

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Know Who You Are – Let’s Work Together

On a scale of 1 to 10, how judgmental are you? Be honest here, people. How about this: On a scale of 11-20, how perceptive would you say you are? 17? Hm. Interesting. Well, no need to share those results with us, because they have nothing to do with what we’re talking about today. (Also, […]

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Know Who You Are – Judging and Perceiving

This one might be a relatively quick read today, folks, because the topic of thinking and feeling is a pretty straightforward one. I could write a volume on sensing and intuition, but when it comes to thinking and feeling, it can pretty much be summed up in this image: So there you go, friends. See […]

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Know Who You Are – Thinking and Feeling

  Today we’re going to be looking at the second letter in your type, represented by an “S” for “Sensing” or an “N” for “iNtuition” (the letter “I” was already taken by Introversion). This is a fascinating topic, but it can also be a strangely complicated one to understand, so let’s dive in and see what […]

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Know Who You Are – Sensing and Intuition

Last week we told you we were going to start a series on personality types, and today we’re going to look at the frequently discussed yet often misunderstood topic of introversion and extraversion, represented by the I or the E at the beginning of your test results. (Side note: do you have your test results?? […]

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Know Who You Are – Introversion and Extraversion

Oh hey there, reader! Welcome to this blog post! What brings you here today? Are you on your own right now and looking to connect with the outside world? Have you been with the outside world all day and now you’re wanting to escape just a little? Are you unwinding from work? Avoiding work? Looking to be entertained? […]

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Know Who You Are – An Introduction

A piece of trivia you may not know about my husband (AKA Showit CEO Todd Watson) is that he is something of a thrill seeker. His version of that has less to do with the adrenaline rush and more to do with the satisfaction of overcoming a challenge. He has run two marathons, one after […]

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Showit 5 is My Jam

If you have seen the most recent Showit promotional video for Showit Custom Mobile, or any pro looking video put out by Showit or PASS in the last few years, you know who Nathanael Matanick is, because he is the creative mind behind those videos.  He is also the creator of numerous short films, including ReMoved, […]

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Nathanael Matanick | Featured Showiteer

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