Back to Basics SEO

April 1, 2021


jihae watson

We need to go back to basics of SEO! Does the thought of diving into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) overwhelm you with how complex it can be? Do you find yourself putting it off because of the time commitment to learning SEO? Well you are not alone!

Many businesses avoid implementing SEO because of the fear of it being too technical, costing a lot of money, and/or it not working after spending a lot of time on it. Well, fortunately for you, we have a totally free, and absolutely invaluable resource for you with our good friend, Sarah Blodgett of Digital Grace Designs!

What you’ll learn:

  1. The basics of on-site SEO
  2. How to use proper keywords, page titles and meta descriptions, and tagging text
  3. How to optimize SEO for your images
  4. Blogging tips and analytics to track your progress 

Check out this great webinar on SEO!

Mindset pivot with SEO

We hope to help you you pivot your mindset when it comes to SEO. We are thankful for Sarah for walking us through some simple steps to start implementing SEO in your business today!

She broke down the basics of on-site SEO, including topics like keywords, page titles and meta descriptions, tagging text, image SEO, blogging tips, and analytics.  We hope you are walking away with actionable steps to confidently set up SEO on your Showit website so you can finally check “figure out SEO” off your to-do list.

More tools for you!

Sarah has an AMAZING SEO course just for you! If you need to dive a little deeper on the SEO front, then check out her amazing resource created.

If you enjoyed this blog post, we think you will also enjoy this great post (and webinar) on how to correct 5 common mistakes that people make on their websites!

We hope you are feeling pumped with knowledge and confidence on how to crush your SEO for your website. If you don't have a website, or you want to switch your site over to Showit – you can start your free trial here!

And check out this help doc to reference how to optimize your SEO with Showit!

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