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September 2, 2021


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Everyone is looking for easy tips to improve their website's SEO. Well, SEO is not easy per se, but we do have some easy tips for you to improve your SEO today! We are so pleased to have Ryan Moreno of Tonic Site Shop, walking us through all things SEO. Ryan is a Showit SEO specialist with a passion for business, travel, design, and Google! He is dynamic, and fun, and a natural-born educator, so you are going to enjoy this awesome training with him.

Google's Algorithm to Improve Your SEO

What is Google's Algorithm looking for? Google’s search algorithm looks at many factors, including the words of your query, relevance and usability of pages, expertise of sources, and your location and settings.

So, simply put, Google is looking for:

  • Keywords on your website
  • Content that is relevant
  • Usability of pages (user experience)
  • Proof of expertise
  • Information about who you are

On-Page SEO

This simply means making sure you have the right keywords and descriptions

  • Adding SEO titles & meta descriptions
  • Adding keywords
  • Setting text-tags (H1, H2, H3, P)
  • Adding alt-text to your images (image description)

So what can you do, especially as creatives with beautiful images? Add alt texts to your images! You guys will want to be blogging as much as you can handle (Ryan suggests that even blogging 6-12 times a year can be very helpful!). This will help your SEO significantly.

Text Tags to Improve Your SEO

You will use text tags on your website, as well as in your blogs. This is a simple and easy step that you can improve on your website RIGHT NOW.

How to use text tags:

  • Only use one H1 per page
  • Use H2’s for section headings
  • Be consistent with your headings
  • Headings should have keywords

And here is another great resource that Tonic has created for us: Showit Meta Descriptions and SEO Titles!

So open up your Showit app and go ahead and make sure that your Headings and text tags make sense for the keywords you are trying to be found for! Ryan gave a great example of a Nashville Wedding Photographer. These are all keywords that should be found in some way in your text tags and alt-texts!

SEO-Friendly Content

The easiest way to think about creating SEO-friendly content is: Are you providing high-quality answers to your dream client’s questions? The more that you have blog posts and content that answers those questions – the better that Google is going to rank your website!

So, here are the simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Put yourself in your dream client’s shoes. What are they searching for online that you have answers to?
  2. Search for what you imagine your dream clients are typing into Google.
  3. Study what is on page 1.
  4. Brainstorm ideas of how to create content that is better than what you see on page 1.
  5. Write a blog post that doesn’t reinvent the wheel but go in depth about a topic more than you see on other high ranking results

User-Friendly Websites and Why Good Design is Vital

Let’s talk about the 8 second rule. If users feel lost, confused, or unsure about your website, there is a very high chance they will bounce off your site… even if the content they are looking for is there. This is why it is absolutely imperative that your website design be attention-grabbing, and easy to navigate.

  • Your website is often times your first professional first impression.
  • Over 30% of users leave a website if they don’t like the design.
  • Even more leave if they can’t easily navigate through your website (especially on mobile).

Free Download to Improve Your SEO

The moment you've all been waiting for: your free download! This content checklist is your ultimate guide to creating SEO-friendly content that is sure to catch the eyes of Google and your dream clients. Watch the webinar that we did with Ryan, and then download the checklist to get started on improving your SEO right NOW.

Thank you, Ryan and Tonic!

We are SO thankful for Ryan and the time and genius he poured into these resources for all of us! If you want to contact him, you can reach him at:

Connect on Instagram: @tonicsiteshop

And don't forget to get your FREE Content SEO download now!

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