3 Simple Steps to Boost your Brand Authority

April 21, 2021


jihae watson

Why is brand authority important? You are a serious business. I mean, you're a creative business. But you are a real, professional, serious one that demands to be taken seriously! Yet people don't take you seriously. It's not you. It may be your brand though!

We have Tiereny Allen-Green on this week’s webinar and she is a brilliant brand and website designer. She is also the founder of Scope Theory which specializes in corporate identities, branding, and website design. Basically, she is obsessed with designing brands that allow brands to share their gifts and magic with the world! What that looks like is an authentically-aligned, high-converting modern brand and website. And on this week’s webinar, she will be sharing 3 Simple Steps to Boost your Brand Authority On and Offline!

In this video, you will learn:

1.The SMART Launch Strategy

2.Cultivating a Client-Centric Brand

3.Conversion-Driven Design

So if you are ready to develop a successful brand that will, in turn, help you to increase sales, with the help of a conversion-driven design, then this is the webinar for you! This formula is what helped drive Tiereny’s ‘typical slow period’ into $115k revenue in a little more than 3 months, and she is here to help you and your brand thrive!

Connect and Learn more!

We hope that you enjoyed learning from Tiereny about brand authority! This woman is Crazy Obsessed with helping you to feel confident about your business. Feel free to connect with her on Instagram. Or you can visit her website.

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