5 Essential Keys to Incredibly Fast Post-Production (part 2)!

July 15, 2014


Zach & Jody Gray

Last week we shared how having a great editing system can save you hours and allow you to RECLAIM YOUR LIFE!

Not only did we share testimonies from photographers who have adopted our lightning-fast editing system (and cut down their editing time by HOURS) but we shared a few of our top five Post-Production Productivity Tips. If you missed it, you can read last week's blog HERE.

We have an insanely fast editing process that allows us to download, cull, edit, retouch and upload ALL the shots from approximately a 3,500 image shoot (& deliver 600-900 finals to the client) in just 2.5 hours or LESS.

We know that sounds nuts, BUT, we promise you, it can be done! It is all about creating an incredible system for your editing process because we know that SYSTEMS can give us FREEDOM.

So, what are the steps in this system?


  • Having a great system involves simple and practical steps to follow. And when you can measure it, it can be managed! (Tweet this out!)
  • When you utilize our system which is based on HOW you shoot and the MENTALITY that you edit with, you can achieve a workflow that can save you 50-75% of your editing time! Does that sound awesome, or what?!
  • So let's dive right in to 3 more keys that will help speed up your editing!


Post-Production Productivity Tip #3: Consistent Shooting


Shooting with Consistency = Speed in Editing

So many photographers ask us what the secret sauce to editing so fast is, and I always say that the FIRST thing you have to do is shoot consistently! Because of digital photography, and our ability to see the images and tweak them as we go, we all end up in this bad habit of changing our settings almost as fast as we shoot our images. But if you can shoot your images as consistent as possible, you can edit extremely fast!

When you are in post and you have to adjust EACH images exposure by hand, that can be very time consuming. When you have groups of images that are all shot EXACTLY the same (even if slightly underexposed or overexposed), you only need adjust the FIRST image in that series and apply to all. Boom! You're done!

As long as your images are not TOO dark or too bright, then LEAVE IT ALONE while shooting. 🙂

Follow these shooting tips and you will see your editing time start to speed up drastically!

1. Shoot on manual as often as possible
2. Use a reflector when shooting in close on your subjects (this saves you time from dodging light into their eyes in post!)
3. If your images are in the safe zone of exposure (check your histogram to do this!), DON'T adjust your camera!! (See step #5 on this blog post to see what a safely exposed histogram looks like)


Post-Production Productivity Tip #4: Keep It Simple


Have you ever gone back and looked at image archives from the winners of big photo competitions from 5 years back? We dare you to do it. We used to show some of these in our Post-production workshop, and let us tell you – sometimes the editing was…. interesting.

All these images were very cool when they were (over)-edited back then, but now, some can be a tad embarrassing! We personally want our images to stand the test of time (who doesn't?), so it is our goal to be great photographers first, and not great Photoshop-tographers. 🙂

We look at editing as the icing on the cake, and not as the base of our style and look. The great benefit to this, is our workflow is sped up since we are not over doing it with our 12-step-action-pack in Photoshop, and our clients' images will be timeless (minus their hair styles & clothing :).

Keep it simple!!


Post-Production Productivity Tip #5: Fast & Efficient Culling

This will change your life. 🙂

Our final tip involves a video freebie for you!

After polling you all on our Facebook Fan Page, you told us that one of your biggest editing time-suckers is culling through your images!!

We have a great and SIMPLE system to share with you on how you can easily cut just your culling time in HALF (if not more)… and RECLAIM YOUR LIFE!

Enjoy a nugget from our latest video workshop – IN-CAMERA: Post | The Lightning-Fast Post-Production System.


Share this video with your friends on twitter! Or copy and paste the below to Facebook:

“Love this short video from @ZachandJody on fast culling! Watch here: /http://bit.ly/culling #RECLAIMYOURLIFE”


1. Practice shooting with as much consistency as possible (with lighting, color, exposure and cropping in-camera) and trust your histogram! If the histogram says you have a correct exposure then you do!

2. Stop using multiple editing programs and actions and START using one simple system like Lightroom.

3. Build the system and get the tools we have shared to speed up your workflow!

Have an awesome week!!

PS. Want more FREE tips and tricks on shooting, editing, lighting and business? Check out our blog at ZachandJody.com/blog!

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