Black History is being made now in the creative world

February 28, 2022


Cassandra Campbell

Top Influencers are sharing their stories to uplift and encourage the black community

Bernel of Branded by Bernel

I was then in a place where I wasn't relatable to my friends because I do feel like entrepreneurship as a woman of color is also a huge hurdle. So it's just a really lonely space. The Showit designer group really helped me see that this could be a profitable business. It gave me something to attain to because i'm hearing people in there talk about their goals of like “hey we booked out for the year and it's July.” Or “hey, we only work four day work weeks” or “we're working from abroad” but that showed me that was possible because I didn't really have anyone in my inner circle or in our community.” – Bernel Westbrook

Bernel, the owner and lead designer of her design boutique, Branded By Bernel, got her start in code! With a degree in web development, and a background in fine art – Bernel obsesses over design details so her clients don’t have to! She has now built a team around her unique skill set to serve more clients globally.

As well as kicking off our Creator Series, Bernel has also been featured in our Sparkbook, an anthology of some of the best websites on Showit. And did we mention Bernel has some of the best websites. See the latest sites Bernel is working in over on her Gram, Facebook, and Podcast. As you know, Bernel is all about the details in website design. But, you will also find that she is all about the details of what makes a lovely person. After you watch her episode, pop into her DMs and see for yourself!

Chip of Chip Dizárd Studios

Having been hooked on technology since his mom brought home their first make as child, Chip has devoted his life to sharing that love of creativity and technology with others. Through his Facebook group and global speaking events, he doesn't just share his love of photography, but his passion for helping people towards their business goals. Making a lifetime of learning a top priority, Chip Dizárd, shares his enthusiasm and wisdom for helping everyone be their best.

“I have a passion for all things tech and helping people across the world achieve their goals through media.” – Chip Dizárd 

Want some quick tips on how to turn website visitors into clients? In this fast-paced fuel talk, Photographer Chip Dizárd, gives his insight into turning your website into a “lead generating machine” like no other! He took to the United stage to share some of his knowledge. He didn't stop there though!

Chip continues to share encouragement to so many others. And with you today. How? One of the best ways to get inspired is through seeing how other creatives do it! Chip's story is no exception. After you watch this installment of the Creator Series, follow along with Chip's journey on Instagram, Facebook, and through his amazing website, of course.

Octavia of Octavia Elease Designs

The ‘Free to be me' Creator's Series here at Showit is a chance for us to shine the spotlight on one of our amazing community members. This feature shines brightly on the amazing Octavia Elesase – photographer and website designer extraordinaire!

Have you ever reached for things just out of reach? Did you know it was even possible to set a goal passed the horizon? And would you believe websites could possibly play a role in this story?

This is the story Octavia Elease Bowman is writing at this very moment. Not only being a present, single mother of three boys — which calls for celebration in itself. But she’s also a creative entrepreneur, operating a branding photography business in Atlanta, designing websites on Showit, and creating Showit website templates.

In this installment of the Creator Series featuring Octavia, we learn the impact a First Lady had on a designer, the strength of one Atlanta woman, and hope of a brighter future that can propel one mother of three forward. (Spoiler: They are all Octavia!) Get ready to be inspired because guess what?! Your reality can be bigger than your dreams!!!

See Octavia's work through her Showit site at You can also follow along with Octavia's journey via Facebook and Instagram.

Michelle Harris of M Harris Studios

The creative journey is often a long and lonely one. In the beginning, Michelle Harris didn’t have access to mentors or community or resources to accelerate her learning curve. Now, being further down the road, she is the one taking the insight, the tools, and the confidence she’s garnered and pouring that into another generation of female photographers and business women so they can have more now than she had when she started.

Thinking her creative calling might be in the fashion industry, Michelle Harris quickly realized her passion for photography. She is the incredibly talented photographer and head of the team at M Harris Studios. Michelle is also a very gifted educator who start the Hustle in Heels conference. If you aren't already, you have go to follow Michelle on Instagram and Facebook.

BONUS: If you are a photographer, we invite you to listen to the United Podcast with Cassie and James as Michelle discusses pricing don'ts.

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