DIY Leather Holster Camera Strap

November 3, 2014


Michelle + Brandon Horn

It all started with carrying one camera on a stock strap and constantly changing out my lenses. Let's be honest, changing out lenses can be frustrating when you're trying to capture something that's happening in the moment. So… I began to carry two cameras on two separate stock straps, this allowed me to be prepared for whatever was to come my way. I loved it. But, after the second or third wedding of carrying two cameras on their stock straps I began to wonder, “how the heck can I carry two cameras without constantly having the straps fall off my shoulders plus keep the cameras from banging into each other?

Horn Photography + Design Strap-0022

I went home and started to research online looking for different straps, and that's when I came upon a harness. Harnesses could safely and efficiently carry two cameras at the same time. Sold. However, the typical harness was not all too stylish, if you will.

Within the way we brand our business, we choose to dress up for our weddings. I typically wear pressed dress pants, a button down shirt, a fitted vest and a bow tie that matches the wedding colors. This is why I desired a more stylish harness versus the standard nylon strapped ones. Michelle then came across harnesses that were made out of genuine leather and looked amazing, perfect for our branding style. The harness is called a MoneyMaker.

Michelle recently had the amazing opportunity to speak with Matthew Swaggart the owner and creator of the MoneyMaker and the brand HoldFast He founded HoldFast in the midst of a personal creative reinvention. During this time, he was inspired to holdfast to three very basic values. Taste: Things must look right. Logic: Things must make sense. Faith: Because logic only takes us so far, we must eventually take a leap.

Matthew Swaggart said: “1 Tim 5:18 says: “The workman is worthy of his wages.” I built this brand upon strong principles, honesty and integrity being amongst my pillars of work. I started this brand with nothing, and maintain a fully locally sourced and built brand without any investors or partners, built solely from the proceeds of my own photography business.” He is truly an inspirational and brilliant man. (To learn more about him, you must check out his awesome about page on his website!)

Now, this blog said this was a DIY lesson, but if you're not a DIYer you can simply head over to his site and buy a ready to go beautiful harness. However, being an avid DIY couple, we sought out to make our own for both of us with Matthew's model as great inspiration. So here's how we did it…

Items needed:

  • Two genuine leather belts (these can be found at most local men's stores)
  • Two mounts of your choice for your camera (
  • Two Fasteners to attach below the camera (
  • Two clips to attach to harness + Two D Rings (
    (most shoe repair shops carry these but they can always be found online as well)
  • Two sliders to loop around belts and attach to the small strap that attaches to the two clips (
  • A good shoe repair shop (a quick google search should find a shop near you)

Let's Get Started!

1.) Get two genuine leather belts of the same length. These should be sized bigger than your waist. I wear a size 36 belt so I purchased two matching exact same black size 40 belts. (While at the store I connected one belt to the other to make a figure 8 with the two. I then made sure the size was what I wanted. Score!)

2.) Purchase your mounting plate, D rings, fasteners, clips and sliders.

Horn Photography + Design Strap-0009

3.) Find a shoe repair shop that can rivet leather together for you. Have them rivet the straps so they make an X across your back. Then have them fashion a D ring to the top of each side of the straps. They should lay on your upper chest area.

Horn Photography + Design Strap-0006

Horn Photography + Design Strap-0005

Horn Photography + Design Strap-0011

Horn Photography + Design Strap-0008

4.) Take the two clips plus the two sliders to the shoe repair shop and have them make a small leather strap that will attach from the harness to the mount. This allows the strap to move freely yet securely up and down the harness. (Side Note: The mounts shown have a screwing action not a clip.)

Horn Photography + Design Strap-0014

Horn Photography + Design Strap-0016

Horn Photography + Design Strap-0017

Horn Photography + Design Strap-0019

Horn Photography + Design Strap-0021

And Ta-Da! You're done and you have a stylish, and functional harness that carries your two cameras safely and securely!

I hope this helps y'all DIY a stylish harness of your own… have fun with it!


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