How to Elevate Your Online Portfolio Through Styled Shoots with Printable PDF Workbook

July 29, 2021


Cassandra Campbell

Why We Want to Elevate Our Online Portfolios with Styled Shoots.

  1. Building relationships. It's important to build relationships as a small business owner. Not only for the social aspects of having someone who understands your day to day struggles. It's also important to bridge gaps between the creative fields. It's true what they say, community will always win over competition.
  2. Learn how to overcome challenges in a stress free environment. What great other practice for the “big day” could there be? Whether you are a florist, an event planner, or photographer, a styled shoot is a great way to build that experience and confidence.
  3. You decide what to shoot for you online portfolio. Have an ideal client in mind? Create the visual of your ideal client, event, and setting with a styled shoot! Shoot content you want to be booking.
  4. Creativity! Let's be honest. As creative small business owners, creative freedom doesn't come along often. This is it! Here's your chance to style images that inspire you! Finally.
  5. Content is queen. When you're organizing a styled shoot, you can create the content you need most in a controlled environment. Make the list you want. Check it twice. And make it happen!

How to Plan your Styled Shoot to Attract Ideal Clients

  1. Ask the question – What is the goal of your styled shoot?
  2. Create a plan – How will images be used? How will they propel your business forward?
  3. Style it – What inspires you? Create an inspiration board for your shoot.
  4. Create a shoot list – Create a detailed shot list of the images you need and how you will use them.

The Details of Your Shoot Day and Who it Includes

  1. Set your budget.
  2. Make a collaboration invite list.
  3. Find a location and secure your vendors.
  4. Prepare your asks and do it with confidence.

Create A Day Of Content Plan

BTS doesn't happen by accident. Create a plan for your BTS content so you can easily record reels, stories and other content day-of and share them with your vendors. Don't forget about your blog, too! It's no secret blog posts can help boost your SEO and reach new clients. Using your new portfolio, you can expand your reach by breaking it down even further and writing vendor features on your blog.

Make Magic

Styled shoots can be stressful and things can go wrong. Have your backup plan ready to go and stay calm. Enjoy it! Afterward, you will have more work to do for the participants and to elevate your online portfolio. So on the day of, smile and laugh. It will be contagious for those who are participating. Relax and share your experiences. Listen to other's experiences. Make a memory and make a friend!

Are you excited? It's gonna be great! Set your vision! Maybe create a Pinterest board. And definitely, get organized! We've compiled a step-by-step workbook for you to plan your next styled shoot! Grab your FREE downloadable PDF now. Sit down and start dreaming of all your ideas to capture in a styled shoot that will elevate your online portfolio and bring those perfect clients in no time!

For Anyone Who Feels Overwhelmed…

It's completely understandable. We know organizing a styled shoot is not for everyone. At United, photographers organize everything for you! Not only do they arrange all the details, but these experienced shoot leaders will also help walk you through angles, what to shoot, and how to shoot it. More about United can be found here.

And if you want to learn more!

Check out this wonderful webinar featuring Cassie, as she talks about Styled Shoots and why we need them!

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