Friday Five: The Back to School Edition

August 19, 2016


jihae watson

Your kids are back to school! Hallelujah! Release the doves! You're a busy mompreneur, and you have enjoyed the summer with your little angels – but back-to-school is basically your version of Christmas! It's a gift!

And back-to-school season is a gift to you, even if you don't have kids! You're going to see a lot less kids at your community pool, and walking around Target in the middle of the day. You get to celebrate too!

Cheers to New Starts!

I am a major fan of new starts. January is a great month because you have the obvious start to a new year, but it's also my birthday, so I usually need to hit the restart button on my year, even just 21 days in to the new one.

August/September is another time for a new start – and not just for kids! It can be a time for cheap new office supplies AND new goals! Here are five tips to get you on track to having a successful start to the final quarter of the year!

Schedule getting back on schedule.

Children get cranky when they don't get enough sleep – but guess what? So do adults! This is a great time to reassess how much sleep everyone in your household needs. Schedule a proper bedtime. For your kids – and for yourself!  I'm not saying you have to go to bed by 9 pm, but if the bags under your eyes look like they should have Kate Spade logos on them, you need more sleep!

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Have an agenda.

I'm not talking about a hidden one. Just an actual one made of paper and binding material. There are so many cute ones right now, and they are so discounted! Or get a giant white board calendar if you are a very visual person, and you need to see all your best laid plans, laid out via dry erase markers. Or as my husband kindly, and constantly, reminds me – there is a free calendar on my phone. Whatever organizational tool you may choose, fill it! Fill it with the right things – hours to blog, times to network, days to learn. If you're like me – if it doesn't get scheduled, it doesn't exist and therefore doesn't happen.

Find your missing peace.

Here at Showit Headquarters, we have Monday Moments led by Elisa Watson. She shares with us ways to know ourselves and better ourselves. We recently learned about the Peace Index. You fill it in to see how your Purpose, Place, and People contribute to making you feel Peace.

How to find purpose and time to work as a mompreneur

Finding the balance in your work as a busy mompreneur

If you are feeling low in a particular area, you need to assess why, and make a plan to improve it! Some things are easier to change than others – but all things are open to change. Right?

A major success story of using this tool is that a friend of mine noticed in January that her purpose was LOW. So she made a plan, specifically to write more. Then, in less than a year, she was writing more, and had speaking engagements happening left, right, and center!

Set a goal. Hustle to achieve it. Enjoy the peace once you achieve those goals!

Show your work.

I have been a mostly stay-at-home mom for the last 13 years and have enjoyed so many, though not all, minutes of that chapter of my life. Back to school didn't affect our family for a long time. Except that we had A LOT of brand new crayons that I got for $0.25. Maybe you are in the same boat of having littles in your home. If you're trying to juggle staying at home with the kids, running your business while they nap, and basically doing it all, STOP!

Find another friend who is in the same boat, and trade-off on watching each other's kids. Or if it makes financial sense, get a sitter to come out so you can go out and work! I am never more productive than when my kids are napping, and when I am paying someone to watch my kids so I can meet a deadline. And you know what – absence DOES make the heart grow fonder!

If you are in that season of life where you get some time to yourself EVERY WEEKDAY from about 9 am – 3 pm, research some new tools that will help your business run more efficiently. Maybe you need to find a mentor, or read more books. At Showit, we read Finish, by John Acuff, and it changed how we worked!

Or maybe you need to show up more. Whether on your social media, or maybe with a new website that has a great desktop, as well as a phenomenal mobile platform. I know of a REALLY good one for you. Dream it, create it, Show it people!

Know your boundaries.

Once the kids are home, or your significant other, or parents – set aside your work. Look people in the eyeballs and converse with them! If you can only set aside an hour of absolutely focused, electronics-free time, then one hour is great! If you can do more, then do more!

Get off of your phone

This is a reminder to you and to me! I will be so good for a few days, but then I let my guard down, and all of a sudden I am sitting on the ground with my baby, and I'm on Twitter. What the heck? I don't even like Twitter! Why am I choosing to browse through that instead of being engaged with my child?!?! Or with the work I am getting paid to do?

Hopefully, you are feeling encouraged and motivated to add, or change, one thing to your routine to make THIS the most productive and wonderful time of the year.

And if one of your goals for yourself was to get a brand new website – check out our design market to get started! You can start with a free design and have your new site up in weeks, not months (or years!)

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