Friday Five: The Canada Day Edition

July 1, 2016


jihae watson

Welcome to Friday Five! Today is Canada Day and I want to take you on a journey to meet five of our Showiteers who live north of the border.

For those of you who don't know what Canada Day is all about, it's the celebration of the anniversary of the July 1, 1867 enactment of the Constitution Act, which united three colonies into a single country called Canada within the British Empire. In short, it's Canada's birthday!

The first Showiteers we want to highlight are Matt and Carissa Kennedy of Matt Kennedy Photography from the west coast of Canada – Vancouver, British Columbia. If you follow them on Instagram, you know that Matt is always willing to go to dangerous lengths (or heights, more specifically) to get an amazing shot. Carissa is the beauty and the brains behind their operation, and is in charge of customer care and administration. But for an amazing chance to really get to know them better – Matt and Carissa will be at Showit United in November! They will be leading a breakout session, and will also be putting on the Wedding Day Workshop with The Academy on the last day. These photographers are some of the best in the industry, and they have a strong and sincere desire to better other photographers through their gift of teaching and encouraging. If you haven't taken advantage of the Extended Spring Sale – buy your ticket TODAY! It is going to be so great, you are not going to want to miss this amazing opportunity to bring your photography business to the next level.

But I digress. Back to Canada!

Matt Kennedy is responsible for this beautiful, heart-warming picture of a Mountie awaiting his bride at the altar:



Staying in the beautiful province of British Columbia for a second longer, I also want to introduce you to the amazing Showiteer who is responsible for this precious picture in more ways than one:


This sweet little baby is actually Alyssa Kellert's third born baby! Many moms who have their third baby are just trying to keep their babes alive, but not this woman! She decided to create this phenomenal masterpiece instead. Discover more about Alyssa (who is also a doula! And an introvert! Some spoiler alerts!) at her sweet website Alyssa Kellert Photography

Heading east, we find ourselves at Jasper National Park in Alberta. If you don't know about Jasper, it is located in Canada's Rockies and lends itself to be one of the most breathtaking backdrops that a photographer could ask for. Don't believe me?


I know. I want to go to there too. So serene! So fresh! This beautiful picture is courtesy of Nicole Modde, the fantastic and uber-talented Showiteer behind NC Photography from Edmonton, Alberta. If you want to go for a refreshing walk through some incredible scenery, littered with beautiful couples and families, go check out her website and social media pages!

Now let's head on over to the east coast of Canada, where we find Michelle Belsky, the amazingly stylish photographer behind Magnolia Studios in Toronto, Ontario. Being from Toronto myself, I just felt like I took a visit back home perusing her site. Each picture tells such a fresh, warm, and inviting story. Michelle and her website are as vibrant as the city in which she dwells.


Our final stop on today's tour brings us to the eclectic city of Montreal in Quebec. Quebec is home to many French Canadians, the birth place of Poutine (french fries with cheese curds topped with gravy. Infinitely more delicious than it sounds!), and where Lisa Renault lives. Lisa's Showit site Lisa Renault Photographie is absolutely gorgeous and is completely bilingual! C'est magnifique! If you follow her on Facebook, you can use the handy dandy ‘translate' button to figure out what she is saying when she is in francophone mode.

This ridiculously gorgeous image is from a traditional Cambodian wedding she shot last year. The colors are so bright and mesmerizing! Check out her blog to see the whole two-day wedding celebration for yourself.


Thanks for journeying with me through my (previous) home and (not actually) native land.

All you Canadian Showiteers out there deserve a big High Five today!

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