How to Build a Successful Senior Photography Business

January 20, 2021


jihae watson

Senior photography may seem like a pretty simple industry to get into, but to thrive in it takes heart, strategy, and work! We are so thankful to have Laylee Emadi-Smith, an insanely talented photographer, who has created a seriously successful Senior Photography business (among other successful businesses!)

You can watch the webinar right here right now!

Make sure you grab your favorite drink and a pen and lots of paper.

Main points for running a successful senior photography business:

  1. Market to seniors AND their parents
  2. Make social media account just for your seniors (not your wedding, and seniors photography)
  3. Experience and referrals are the easiest ways to market your business!
  4. Choose your words wisely! These seniors are listening to your every word, whether they look like it or not.
  5. Let your senior have ownership during the shoot. This helps them build confidence, and feel more at ease in front of the camera!
  6. Step into your role as a leader and give guidance and encouragement.
  7. Have a clear process. Emails, texts, and good communication with lead to better images and experience all around.
  8. Develop a Senior Spokesmodel team! This will help build hype, and excitement about your senior photography business

Connect with this senior photographer!

To learn more about Laylee, check out her fabulous website, which was designed by the fabulous Sarah Ann. Sarah was on this webinar talking about websites!

We are so thankful for Laylee and the time she spent on developing this great webinar so that you can have the senior photography business of your dreams!

If podcasts are more your jam, you can listen to this episode with Laylee on the Showit United Podcast!

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