Showit United and Friends.

November 14, 2017


Cassandra Campbell

This is the portion of the evening, ahem, year, when we would like to say thank you. Thank you to all the people that make United possible. Two groups of people in particular.

You, the people.

Showit United would not, and could not be possible without YOU, the attendees. If you didn't show up with your big ol' hearts, and your arms open, ready for all the hugs, there would be no conference. Like, at all. The Fiesta De La Party would not be a fiesta, or a party.

This year has been dubbed ‘the Best United so far', and honestly – people say that every year. Because every year – we have THE BEST people flying in from all over the world, come and join us.

“Hi, I want to thank you all for this beautiful experience! It was not only my first time to United, but it was also my first trip to the US.

I was so scared doing this, but I felt so welcome when I arrived?

I know I never would have come all the way from the Netherlands if I didn't have a chronic illness.

After 11 years its finally getting better and I can go out again, instead of spending all my days in bed!

I realized that if you have a dream, Go for it! Do the things you love the most, because you never know what will happen next year.

With this in mind, I bought my United ticket! And planned my little solo trip. So scared that I was, so welcome did you all make me feel.

My more then 15 hour flight was it all worth it! ” –Dilani Schipper.

And we heard so many more stories like this!We have loved reading all of your experiences and seeing all of your amazing pictures! If you want to catch more, check out #showitunited. Jasmine Star may or may not have called it one of the most beautiful hashtags during her talk.

You, the Businesses.

The other amazing folks that make Showit United possible are our amazing industry friends. To anyone outside the creative circle, they would be referred to as “conference sponsors.” The closest we could get to formal is telling you that they are our United Partners slash BBF – business best friends . Without them, and their genuine love for creatives, and like-minded people-first businesses, we would not be celebrating over a half a decade of Uniteds.

Kiss Books

One industry leader, that we have a had the pleasure of partnering with on several occasions this year, is Kiss Books. With a long standing staff, they have a company culture that not only puts people first, but simplicity, as well. “We are driven to make the album experience simpler, giving you more time to do what you love. Design, share, and order your books in minutes.” They want to take the album thinking and planning off your hands so you can focus on the things that you love about your business, and your life. Shaun Gordon is the founder and CEO of KISS, and he knows a thing or two about weddings, photography, and albums, as he has shot over 500 weddings himself! In fact, many of the companies we partner with were founded by creatives, for creatives.


Creatives? Did we say creatives? We meant creative geniuses. Speaking of which, have you met our friend Tim Hussey? Perhaps you were one of the folks that voted Tim as “Best Karaoker” at Showit United? Tim's performance, and well-deserved win, was just a show of how dedicated one can be at making people smile. Just like he owned the Karaoke floor, he wants you to do the same thing in your business. No, not do Karaoke while shooting. Tim created Pixifi so your business would be more efficient, and then you can own it on the dance floor, wedding aisle, senior shoots, or even allow you to have energy to take some fierce newborn shots!

“When Tim started his wedding photography business in 2007 he needed a way to track his leads and clients easily. With his background in web development, it made sense to just build a quick database management “app”.

After he created Pixifi, he gave it to some friends, allowing them to focus more on the business and less on administrative needs. They loved it. And him. Thus, Tim now goes around singing, and spreading joy to those who want to start having fun again in their business.

Guys. We cannot say it enough – but Thank You. Thank you for your support, and the kind words, and the encouragement, and the love that you guys pour into us post after post, Instagram story after Instagram story, United after United. We do it all for you. We are just a bunch of creatives, wanting to serve you beautiful creatives.

If you are interested in learning more about United, you can visit our webpage! Or check out what people have to say about their time at United on this blogpost.

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