Showiteer Spotlight with Liz Mollica

November 15, 2016


Cassandra Campbell

There are so many decisions to make when running a small business on your own. When we first met photographer Liz Mollica, she had popped into Support to ask a few questions about our website platform. One of our newest additions to the team, Jed, answered all her questions then had one for her. “Hey, we are having a photography conference here in Arizona the first week of November. Do you want to join us, Liz?” Needless to say, she made some big decisions for her business that day. She got herself a brand new Showit 5 site, bought her ticket to Showit United, and made a friend in Jed and this community for life. Showit United

Liz Mollica is someone who owns her business. All small business owners “own” their business. However, Liz ensures every aspect and detail is carefully managed and followed through thoroughly. It will come as no surprise she invests her time and energy into her creative career because she has loved art from an early age.

In one of my 7th grade art classes, our assignment was to draw a picture in oil pastels. I had a picture of a mountain on top of a body of water. For the life of me I couldn't figure out how to draw the reflection of the mountain in the water. My teacher came over to show me some techniques and brush strokes to mimic what I was seeing in the photograph – I was hooked! From that moment forward I was obsessed with all things art.small business owner and photographer Liz Mollica on why she chose Showit

I applied to Mass College of Art and Design as an illustration major and fell in LOVE with photography when I took a dark room class as one of my electives. It was like magic seeing an image appear right before my eyes. I then interned at Studio D at Hearst Corporation in NYC and worked with magazines like Marie Claire, Seventeen, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Foot Network and Cosmopolitan. I learned a ton about commercial/editorial work, but knew that lifestyle photography was for me.

After obtaining her BFA in Photography, Liz started her portrait and lifestyle photography business. With “4 and a half wonderful years” under her belt, she has already been voted the #1 photographer in Quincy, a major part of Metropolitan Boston. Much of her success surely comes from her hardworking attitude and desire to hone her craft. Over the years she has stayed humbled and spent her time learning even more to improve her craft and perfecting her workflow to ensure her future professional and personal success.


Whether you invite it or not, when you are starting out, you are given loads of advice. Liz has taken the best advice and applied it to her business and art. “I was told a couple of great things. One, is to follow your passion, pick up your camera and shoot, if you have the will and desire everything else will come into place. Secondly, to pursue your curiosity as Jasmine Star would say.

Some more words of wisdom that Liz considers daily:

  • practice makes perfect
  • shoot with intent
  • pre-visualize before every shoot, collage images in a notebook
  • create a photo map
  • build trust and credibility among clients
  • welcome spiel or permission for the clients to be themselves, to be confident and beautiful
  • exceed expectations, whether it is saying they will receive images in 1.5 weeks but will send them out in a week, or giving them a nice canvas print after a wedding, etc.

Did you catch that name of influence in there? Jasmine Star. Jasmine is how Liz first heard of Showit. When she inquired about United, she had asked if she would have the chance to meet Jasmine. Liz has been following Jasmine's career since the beginning of her own thanks to help and advice from a local photographer, Rachel of Rachel Kate Photography. Together, these two amazing women have given Liz the guidance she desired when starting her own business.5

I sat down with Rachel in her BEAUTIFUL white brick, natural lit studio (I know you're thinking the same thing I thought, AMAZING and need that in my life) over 4 years ago asking her for advice. Sitting in her studio in Abington, MA where I grew up lit a fire beneath me that is still going. Seeing how successful she is as a local photographer told me inside that I can do it too! She recommended following Jasmine Star, which led me to Jasmine Star's wealth of knowledge. I have done the Complete Wedding Experience through Creative Live, the insta180 challenge, path to profitability, among other webinars. I am so inspired by Jasmine, her personality, work ethic, her background of struggle to fortune, and her technical capabilities, and her business woman mindset. It is so truly invigorating that she and Rachel alone have pushed me to do better.6

Liz had the chance to meet Jasmine at Showit United this November. And we had the chance to meet Liz! Like Jasmine, she has a fire that is instantly recognizable. It's no doubt she will have continued success and be open to sharing all she has learned. She already has some great tips for those just starting out:

I have learned the hard way over the years, but I am now learning how to outsource, how to make my workflow more efficient, and how to balance my personal life. Years ago I would edit picture by picture which would take hours and hours, and now I have somewhat of a steady workflow which gives me more time to do things like…well whatever I want! In the next couple of years I am going to have an amazing studio of my own, obviously!”liz mollica photographer

We have absolutely no doubt Liz will have an amazing studio and thriving business! We look forward to the day when she is on stage and other photographers are waiting in line to say thank you for all the advice she has put forth! Until then, you can connect with Liz through her website, Instagram, and Facebook page.

If you would like to share your knowledge and experience through the Showiteer Spotlight, we would love to hear from you! Or if you know someone that you would like to hear more from, please let us know. This community is awesome because you are in it!

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