Styled Shoot: Winchester UK

September 8, 2014


Kathryn Andrews

What do you do once the bulk of your weddings are completed for the year? Some of us might have a holiday to look forward to, or at least a well earned rest at home, but what then? While some photographers might be promoting seasonal portrait shoots, what about those of us who only photograph weddings?

Kathryn Andrews Photography

Photo by Kathryn Andrews Photography

For wedding photographers it can be all too easy to become complacent and let our blog posts dwindle towards the end of the year and the beginning of the next. Whilst very busy photographers might have a back log of weddings to blog about during these months, what about those who are only just starting out and haven't got a lot of weddings to post? You don't want to fall off the radar. A lot of engagements happen over the festive season with Christmas and New Year and then more at Valentines so it's important to keep your blog active as many couples will start looking for their wedding photographer during this time.

Kathryn Andrews Photography

Photo by Kathryn Andrews Photography

The coming months are an ideal time to practice your technique and use your camera for fun – Yes, fun! I don't know about you but I got into photography because I love taking photographs. I'm a creative through and through and I can't turn that creativity off just because wedding season is over. If you've got a new camera or lens or you just want to try out different techniques before your next wedding, now's the perfect time. Try collaborating with other wedding suppliers in your area. Not only will this help to build relationships, you'll also be working together to showcase each other's skills and talents. The best scenario here is if everyone involved offers their services for free because you are doing this as a project together which will benefit all of you. If done well, not only will you be able to feature the work on your own blogs but you may also attract interest from wedding magazines or wedding blogs.

Kathryn Andrews Photography

Photo by Kathryn Andrews Photography

Included in this article are a selection of photographs I took on a bridal shoot in Winchester UK. I organized this shoot myself by first making contact with Nicki Hill at Nicki Hill Bridal Couture here in the UK. Initially I emailed Nicki and she invited me to her bridal boutique. We had a chat and she was happy to work with me on projects. I was able to borrow her gorgeous couture dresses for styled shoots as long as I gave her a copy of the images. This was a win win situation. I then made contact with Claire Wallace, a hair stylist and make-up artist from Brighton. We talked about ideas and both wanted to try something different so on this occasion decided on an Avant Garde look. I then sourced a willing model called Lucy from Model Mayhem and we were able to arrange the shoot. This bridal shoot was so much fun and enabled me to try different styles and techniques that I wouldn't be practicing on a real wedding day. It also enabled me to push my own personal boundaries. Laying on the ground to take photos in the middle of Winchester highstreet isn't something I had done before and there were a lot of people stood watching. I was able to overcome any nerves about what people might be thinking and wouldn't hesitate at all now if I wanted to do this at a real wedding.

Kathryn Andrews Photography

Photo by Kathryn Andrews Photography

Once the shoot was finished, I took the opportunity to practice my processing techniques using Lightroom and Photoshop. With these images I wanted to be quite creative and artistic with my processing and because they were my images to do with as I wished, I had free reign and the time to experiment.

Kathryn Andrews Portfolio

I hope this article inspires you to try something new. If you have an idea for a bridal shoot or would like to find people to collaborate with, why not leave a comment below!


Dress: Nicki Hill Bridal Couture, UK

Hair and Make-Up: Claire Wallace Hairdressing, UK

Model: Lucy – Model Mayhem – Southampton, UK

Photography: Kathryn Andrews Photography, UK


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