United in So Many Words.

April 10, 2018


jihae watson

Showit United is the best photography conference in the world.

Do you ever read reviews on Amazon and think, “this one is Definitely by the seller, or at least their mother”?

Because every other review is awful and has 1 star next to it, but this review has 5 stars.

“Showit United 2017 was a phenomenal hit.” -says the entire staff at Showit.

But you don't know if you should believe us. I get it. This blog post is written by us – but it's not for us. It's for YOU. Sure, the above reviews about United are our own. But I promise you that in the reviews that we did get back (not to be found on Amazon), there were no 1 stars. Our opinion about United is one that is shared by just about every single attendee.

Here are just 3 blogposts (out of a sea of many!) that show just how incredible United is.

Read these three different, yet very similar accounts, and maybe this time next year, we will be sharing about how YOU think that Showit United 2018 was a phenomenal hit.

Leigh Schrage of Schrage Photography.

Leigh Schrage has been to United for 2 years in a row. We're thankful that she makes the time to take extra good care of her business, by learning new skills and getting business advice from those who have gone before her; But we're extra thankful that she comes because she is so fun! And she brings her unique qualities to our community, and to this conference. She even planned a ‘Onesies Pj Party' for one of the nights of the conference! And people showed up and had a blast! Check out her blogpost to read more about Leigh's time at United. And Leigh – thanks for being you. See you again soon!

showit united photography conference

Susannah Lynn of Susannah Lynn Photography

This was Susannah's first time at United, and in her own words: “It was a place for learning and growth. I took pages and pages of notes. BUT it was also so much more!! It was filled with love and support and a huge desire to be better as people not just as photographers.” To read more, check out the full blogpost. So thankful that you were able to come Susannah! And thank you for taking the time to sit, reflect, and share your experience with all of us. Come back again, since you know – this event basically takes place in your backyard 😉

Showit United photography conference

Dawn Elizabeth of Dawn Elizabeth Studios

Though Dawn is an Arizona native, she lives in Texas, but treks back to her homeland for United. And we are so thankful that she does! Because while at United – she is AT United. Check out her blogpost so you can see that she was so intentional about seeing all of her favorite people, taking notes, making memories, and capturing them along the way! Dawn! Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us at United, and for preserving it in blog form so that we could share it with others. We have hugs for you in 7 months!

showit united best photography conference

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