United is The Best Photography Conference Ever!

April 27, 2017


jihae watson

United is the best conference for photographers, creatives, and human beings.

I can tell you that United is THE BEST CONFERENCE FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS the world has ever seen. But why would you believe me? I mean, I work for Showit for Pete's sake. Obviously, I am biased, though also 100% honest. But for the record, it is very hard to beat an action-packed conference in the winter, in sunny Arizona, with industry leaders (Jasmine Star, Katelyn James, Natalie Franke, and more!), and the kindest, most sincere attendees! Not to mention, there was line dancing, karaoke night, and a gala on Election Night! To see the conference in pictures, check our wonderful Showiteer, and volunteer photographer, Cassia Karin‘s, PASS gallery!

best conference for photographers

todd watson, ceo of showit, at United 2016

But if you need more than just beautiful pictures to get an idea of what United is like, I hope you enjoy reading these two blog posts. They are both heartfelt and heartwarming. They are also full of completely unbiased opinions – beautiful pictures included:

Jen Araya, Wedding Photographer from the Boston-area, loves United:

Meeting other photographers is Jen's NUMBER ONE reason for loving United. We need community, friends! So thankful we can create a place where that's possible!

Thank you Jen for sharing this beautiful blog post with us! We are so glad that you took such a brave step- not only for your business, but to do something for YOU.

Brett Denfeld, Wedding and Portrait Photographer in Northern VA, coincidentally also loves United:

Brett is also a big fan of meeting new people in her industry. She also learned she isn't great at karaoke, but we can't be great at everything! And that's another thing you will learn at United. We can all do so many things well, but we can't do absolutely everything well!

Brett! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us in this blog post!! We are so glad you enjoyed all the hugging! You are our kind of photographer, girl!

And if YOU would like more info on this year's conference, you can learn more here!

Thanks for reading friends. And hopefully we will see you in Tempe, Arizona in November for this awesome conference for photographers and creative entrepreneurs!

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