A Break-Up Story


It was a break-up no one assumed would come. They had always had their disagreements from the beginning. A relationship that started in their pre-teens, it was a classic-case of opposites-attract. One boy would scale walls and hide behind corners seeking adventure and surprise. The other, always in search of a laugh and a new friend. One would pretend he was a ninja and catch the other off-guard. Perhaps for a moment they didn't know what to make of the other. It was only a few seconds before they both laughed, and realized it was a match made in heaven. The two boys have been friends through all the drama that comes with junior high, high school, college, and as adults, starting a business together. And now they are navigating through this new territory. This. The epic break-up that not only could ruin several decades of friendship, but had the potential to ruin their prospective businesses, their livelihoods, and the livelihoods of their employees.

Back in the day

Todd, the computer whiz, had an entrepreneurial spirit from the beginning. Since the average teen start-up of a lawnmower business seemed less viable in deserts of Arizona, he took a dive into the videographer biz. With a love of people and community, Todd Watson was not your average AV Club member. As president of his senior class and prom king, his business soared due to the perfect paring of people skills and technical skills. It was a no-brainer for David Jay, his long-time friend and former child-ninja, to reach out to Todd with a new business idea.

David Jay, known to his friends as DJ, was the photographer du jour of the wedding industry. He wanted to create a program that would deliver images from the wedding ceremony to his client's guests at the wedding reception. Without hesitation, Todd was in; anything to help a friend.

Showit Slideshow is born!

Soon, a small slideshow program called Showit Slideshow turned into a DVD production business. These ventures led to a website business, that gave forth an image delivery system. As you might imagine, both ends of the businesses were maxed out. And, as you might have foreseen, with so many business ventures to maintain, other projects received less attention.

While Todd was willing to allow the original catalyst of these ventures, Showit Slideshow, to fade into the background, he didn't want Showit, the drag ‘n drop website builder, to suffer the same neglect. As a computer programmer, Showit was his baby. He felt not only was it a platform in which many creatives had come to rely on, Todd knew it would give more creatives and small business owners the ability to have a professional web presence at their own finger-tips.

Little did he know, his life-long friend was having similar feelings, about the new product. It was time.

Time to move on 

Todd and DJ met in Santa Barbara for what was supposed to be a scheduled, typical meeting. Shortly after they had sat down, it was clear to both of them, their hearts were leading them in different directions. They agreed to the break-up then and there. The details were to be worked out, but the business partnership had been made official over lunch that fall day.

Thank you, Todd

At Showit, we believe only a man of true integrity could re-route the course of his company to champion independent creative professionals. We know only a man with true conviction would be brave enough to dive into the murky waters of the ever-changing internet. And above all, we trust, whole-heartily, only a man that is truly worthy of the title of CEO would rally his troops to deliver a product that we can all get behind. Todd Watson is a champion of all who believe business can be conducted with love, respect, and as always, with a sense of humor.

And for your viewing pleasure, a little extra treat.

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