A Lifetime of Learning with Photographer Chip Dizárd


Having been hooked on technology since his first gaming console when he was 10, Chip has devoted his life to sharing that love of technology with others. Through his Facebook group and global speaking events, he doesn't just share his love of photography, but his passion for helping people towards their business goals. Making a lifetime of learning a top priority, read on as photographer Chip Dizárd, shares his enthusiasm and wisdom for helping everyone be their best.

Newly wedded couple embracing on beach.

“I have a passion for all things tech and helping people across the world achieve their goals through media.”

Chip Dizárd

Where do you call home?

Baltimore, Maryland is home.

Where is your client base?

I serve clients all over!

Photography Specialty?


Years in Business?

8 years

Years dreaming of business?

…dreaming of business for more than 15!

What's something you wished you'd learned sooner?

Besides photography, I also love video. When I first got into weddings I started as a videographer/cinematographer, and still get booked for those gigs. I know video is powerful, and I wish more photographers learned how to shoot and edit video, too.

What's something you are still learning?

My mentor Keith Cephus, he told me that you have to just get better. You get better clients by doing good work. It's so basic but so true.

What was your original career path?

I've done many things, sales, marketing, and most recently – a photography teacher in high school and college. I had to give it up 3 years ago because my wedding business took off so much.

If you could take your camera anywhere in time, where would you go?

I would go back to Chicago to President Obama's 2008 acceptance speech for his first term. The looks on everyone's faces. And the history. I'm a big history buff so I do love capturing historical moments.

When creating a business, most people focus on gear,
when it’s more helpful to focus on mindset.

Chip Dizárd

Since first meeting Chip at The Cookout (Showiteer Tomayia Colvin's one part photography conference and one part family cookout) he has shared his experience and love of learning as a photographer with the Showit community in so many ways.

Through his Five Minute Fuel at United 2018, Chip gave quick and tangible ways to create a website that generates leads. He even took us behind the scenes at a destination wedding he shot in South America, in our Instagram Stories. For Showit United 2019, he makes his United Keynote debut with giving practical advice about Facebook ads. All that's to say – if you aren't watching what Photographer Chip Dizárd is doing, you are missing out on some extremely practical business advice from a man with loads of experience but more importantly, as his shirt says, with a huge heart and desire to help you make your small your business dreams come true!

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