A First Look At The New Showit Vertical Mobile Design


When we first jumped into the new Showit Mobile Design,†we found out quickly that these new vertical mobile sites can add massive valueto our businesses when used effectively. As with any new design project it pays to step back and figure out the best approach to meet our goals. Here are some ways to spend a few minutes and save yourself hours of designing and redesigning your new mobile site!


  • Adjust Page Dimensions – great for†creating amazing vertical sites!
  • Group Re-sizing – a quick way for you to re-size objects to fit into your mobile site.
  • Zoom Shortcut – using Ctrl+ or Ctrl- to quickly zoom in on your design.
  • Mobile Page Match – your site will use a +site†you select to serve your mobile users. No redirect means this is perfect for analytics tracking!
  • Easy Workflow – the Showit team made working with your new mobile site just as easy as before!

PLANNING YOUR MOBILE SITE The key here†is knowing where you want your visitors to end up. What are your site's goals, as well as your online goals? Take Amy & Jordan Demos for example. When we (2BlokesDesign) built their new mobile site, the first thing to establish was how to translate their desktop site into a mobile version. To do this well we had to know how they wanted their users to interact. Their push for their mobile site is to make it easy for their visitors to fill out a contact form. To further focus their efforts they picked one social media platform, Instagram, to emphasize on their mobile site. We decided this would be the best place in their business model to engage with their potential clients.

When it's all said and done you can have a beautifully crafted site that can†fall short on inquiries, engagement, and miss clients all together without a solid goal oriented plan.

Here Are 3 Awesome Tips to Save You Time!


It's been around for ages, however it can be easy to miss if you are just getting started with Showit. The Style tab is powerful in both the desktop site and the new mobile sites because it allows you to ‘format' your text in three unique assignments. This means you can set the font, size, and color of the text to three values: Heading, Subheading, and Paragraph. We typically use Heading for page headings, Subheading for navigation, and Paragraph for the copy text on the†pages. Setting these characteristics†ahead of time, then assigning your text boxes to one of these choices will allow you to change all the text across your site by changing the characteristics†under the style tab.


It's super easy to adjust your entire page's content with Group Re-sizing! When you select more than one object, you get a handle in the bottom right corner that will let you re-size the group proportionally.


With the addition of page dimensions, you can easily have some very long pages and very short pages on your site. Don't limit yourself to one set stylegroup (and thus one page dimension layout) when you are converting your site over. If you find yourself needing some shorter pages for your Gallery†or Thank You pages, make a copy of your stylegroup, adjust the page dimensions and use that shorter stylegroup layout for those pages specifically.

We are excited to share this first look into the new Showit Mobile release and even more excited to†see what you guys create with it! Once again Showit has given us a great look into their vision of freedom as well as letting us all be unique at the same time. Want to see what the new mobile version can do!? Visit Amy & Jordan Demos' website on your mobile device to see what the blokes at 2BlokesDesign did.

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