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Photographers, as professionals, are expected to have websites full of colorful visuals. It's what we do! So, it would be obvious to choose a site design that has a lot of visual elements rather than text. Since Showit has fully customizable stylegroups with regards to design, it is a terrific platform for photographers' websites. However, I have a confession: I have left Showit twice! (Yikes!) But, I always came to my senses and returned because of its fabulous design capabilities.

Even though WordPress is technically better for SEO, Showit websites are not far behind. And interestingly enough, both times I went back to Showit, my site's page rank went up (which is very hard to change). So, it's true, I do love Showit for the endless design features and its hands-on SEO features. Not only does Showit give me the freedom to be me, but it also gives me the freedom to do SEO my way. But, I still see many photographers and Showit users missing the boat when it comes to SEO, especially in the area of text.

Text is the basis for any SEO efforts, so lets talk about text, baby. Have you ever clicked on that SEO tab on the bottom in your dashboard and see absolutely nothing? That's because search engines don't “see” all your pretty graphics, your promo videos and your beautiful photo galleries. They only see TEXT. I want to share with you 4 ways you can increase the SEO text on your Showit website to help you get found by Search Engines.

[dropcap]1[/dropcap] The first tip for working text into your Showit website is what I call your main text. This is the text that explains what you do and where do you do it. Start an Excel spreadsheet or an Evernote file and answer the following questions:

  1. What kind of photography services do you offer? Get specific. Don't just say “weddings” if you do weddings. Do you also do engagement, maybe bridal sessions, maybe bridal boudoir, maybe rehearsal dinners, or even bridal showers? What about “trash the dress” photo shoots? List them all.
  2. Where do you do it? What town or city are you based out of, and which locations do you usually work in? Also, what do locals call your region? For example, I live in Myrtle Beach now, and here, there are subdivision names. For example, to a local I would say that I live in Carolina Forest, but to someone out of state I would say that I live in Myrtle Beach. So, add the different ways your local geography is described.
  3. What products do you offer? Albums, USBs, prints, canvases? Be sure to add those words into your text.
  4. Describe your style. Is it modern? Classic? Timeless? Descriptive words are especially good to add because people often use them in search to find just what they want.

Now we are ready to write some kind of main text:

Feuza Reis Studios is a wedding and boudoir photographer based in Myrtle Beach and services Conway, Pawleys Island and Charleston SC. She is also available for destination weddings and boudoir shoots.

Example of an old website I had.

sample showit seo  photo

Use your own words, make it a bit creative, but most importantly add it to your website. Over and over again, I visit the websites of photographers who don't list their location! Say what? Most photographers want to be found for local SEO words, but they aren't listing their location.

You should list your location on at least 3 separate pages of your website.

You can vary that text a bit, too, so it's not exactly the same on all those pages. The location text or main text, as in my example, can be in a small font within a textbox in Showit sites, but DON'T make it transparent or the same color as the background, as that's illegal in the eyes of Google. (And remember, we want to be on the good side of Google.) If you own a commercial space, you should be putting your business address on every page of your website, or you can choose to place it on just the main page, contact page and about page. You can vary that text a bit, too, so its not the same on all those pages.

[dropcap]2[/dropcap] Check your site settings and descriptions and make sure you have your desired keywords in the site description. This can be similar to the main text sample and should not be empty. So go check if it is empty, and if so, fill it now. Make sure that it's updated and do a full publish, notifying Google.

showit seo

[dropcap]3[/dropcap] Gallery pages. Gallery pages usually just have photos, but I suggest that you add a small text box at the bottom of your galleries and write about what you love about that genre of photography or why it is important. For example, if you offer engagement photography, what do you love about it? Why should brides love it? This text doesn't have to be huge, but you really need some text showing on your gallery pages.

Now, you may have a specific design on which text won't be possible. SEO is unsexy at times, so a balance of design and text is key.

[dropcap]4[/dropcap]seo section in showit Page Titles and Description. When you click on a page, you will see on the right side an area called HTML. This is actually where the SEO juice in show it lies. Make sure your page titles and descriptions are filled out for each page. One rule to follow is your page titles and descriptions SHOULD NOT be all the same, but each page should be unique.

seo section text showit

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Just email me at info@getfoundwithfuse.com.

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