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Wouldn't it be awesome if accounting, business organization and the dreaded “T” word that ends with “axes” came as effortlessly as finding beautiful light? I don't know about you, but sitting down to send pretty much the same emails over and over, and analyzing figures just does not sound as much fun as taking photos in the great outdoors. That's why when I came across Pixifi I knew that everything would change for me. I suddenly found myself with an automatically generated task list, an easy way for my clients to view and sign documents and a system that automatically took care of the tasks that I found myself wasting time doing repetitively. Pixifi gave me so much time and energy to get out and do things that I really wanted to be doing! I am so excited to share what I believe to be the top five features in Pixifi- studio management software for creatives!

1) Pixifi is all encompassing– from contracts to questionnaires, invoices, proposals to finances… it's all in one place! I love that my client can log in to their client portal and be able to easily access the contract, questionnaires, invoice. I no longer have to go digging through my email to find correspondences- Pixifi has a feature that collects all of my email correspondences between that particular client! Pixifi also makes it easy for me to have my client's contact information on hand! It makes it really easy and fun to send surprise client gifts in the mail. I also love the ability to involve and communicate with vendors on a similar level. Building relationships with vendors is such an asset and Pixifi helps me make sure that it doesn't slip through the cracks.

2) Pixifi makes accounting and taxes super easy. Pixifi enables you to import data from your bank statement. From there Pixifi helps you calculate and categorize business expenses! I love that within one tab I can see my accounts receivable, payments received and expenses for a set time period! Pixifi also keeps track of my costs of doing business via milage tracking, the cost of good sold and much more! Since I am a visual learner the graphs and charts really help me understand what I am doing really well in my business as well as things that I can give a little more attention to.

pixifi-screenshot-04 pixifi-screenshot-05

3) Automating routine communication is a great time saver! Within Pixifi you can create your own or personalize template auto responses and reminders! I use Pixifi to remind my client of upcoming sessions and when payments are due. This has been a great aid in ensuring that I receive timely payments.

4) Task and Workflow Manager. It can be so difficult to keep track of everything that should be done. Too often tasks such as blogging and can be forgotten and slip to the wayside. Pixifi has a fantastic workflow module that helps me stay on top of things. When I create a client I choose the appropriate template workflow that I have personalized to my process. When I log in to Pixifi there is a nice little list with check boxes and due dates that help me remember when I need to find a second shooter, post a blog, create an album, etc.

5) Hands down the best aspect of Pixifi is their customer support. Tim Hussey, the creator of Pixifi could not be doing a better job at this. As soon as a question or problem is reported he responds almost immediately. Tim is very friendly and works tirelessly to foster customer satisfaction. There is always an ongoing conversation asking for our input and ways that he can make his product even better.

Since Pixifi is such an all encompassing tool, and very tailored to your business there is some setup to do. Tim has been and is continuing to make this process so much easier with customizable templates and walk through videos. When I first signed up a few years ago I did feel a little overwhelmed with tailoring the system to my business, but I have to say that when I came back to finish setting up the system this past year it was a breeze thanks to Tim's diligence in making Pixifi an easy-to-use program. Once you have completed setting up your packages, products, etc it is an invaluable asset to your business!

I spoke with Tim about the future of Pixifi and I have to say that he does have a few tricks up his sleeve! He is currently working on a brand new session booking module in which people can choose a date and time slot! He is also about to finish up a really awesome time tracking module! Tim says that this will be an excellent year for updates and he has so much more in the works so stay tuned! 🙂

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