This is the portion of the evening, ahem, year, when we would like to say thank you. Thank you to all the people that make United possible. Two groups of people in particular. You, the people. Showit United would not, and could not be possible without YOU, the attendees. If you didn’t show up with […]

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Showit United and Friends.

Showit United

Last year was my first year as the parent of an elementary school student. My daughter Lily had a lovely Kindergarten teacher and throughout the year I sent her small notes of thanks and a gift here or there to express our family’s gratitude for all her hard work… being a Kindergarten teacher cannot be […]

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Why I’m Counting on the Start Planner for a Better Start to 2016

It’s happened to all of us. You’re on your way to a wedding or a session, you’re sitting at a stop light and suddenly your stomach flips over. Do I have fresh batteries? You start frantically looking around for a Walgreens or CVS- heck, even a Circle K will do. Under your breath you start […]

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Gear Survey: Rechargeable v Disposable Batteries for Photographers

It all started with carrying one camera on a stock strap and constantly changing out my lenses. Let’s be honest, changing out lenses can be frustrating when you’re trying to capture something that’s happening in the moment. So… I began to carry two cameras on two separate stock straps, this allowed me to be prepared […]

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DIY Leather Holster Camera Strap

I love my iPad. I mean like, really love it. I love it for traveling (watching movies on planes), reading (in bed late at night while my husband is asleep without having to have a light on) and sharing images (same-day slideshows at weddings). But- what I haven’t loved it for, until now, is typing. […]

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Gear Review: The Best iPad Keyboard Ever

If you’ve been wanting to stock up on memory cards and memory sticks, then be sure to check out today’s Deal of the Day. They’re offering an assortment of micro SD, SD, jet drives and flash drives up to 50% off. Unfortunately there are no CF cards listed… but we’ll keep our eyes peeled […]

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(Expired)Today’s Amazon “Deal of the Day” is Perfect for Photographers

Whether you like to work from your local coffee shop or you do same-day slideshows at weddings and events, a pocket-sized card reader to download images from your CF card is a great gadget to keep in your camera bag or laptop case. Here’s a pocket-sized CF card reader you can grab on Amazon for […]

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Pocket-Sized Card Reader to Download Images On the Go

If you’re like me, your heart gets all aflutter when you start thinking about off-camera flash gear. I love the array of images that you can create using off-camera flash. From moody to vibrant, harsh to soft, using OCF opens up a whole new world of possibility for photographers. One of the products I haven’t […]

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The Ice Light Adds Natural Light with the Flick of a Switch

A good friend and fellow photographer “misplaced” her Alien Bee setup about six months ago. For the life of her she couldn’t remember where she had left it; all she knew was that it was missing and she was heartbroken. It was covered by insurance, but she hadn’t filed a claim because she kept thinking […]

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If You Like It, Then You Better Put Your Name On It

I’ll be the first to admit that I love gadgets and apps that help keep me organized and efficient. One of my absolute favorite apps is called Mile IQ and it keeps track of every single mile I drive for business… and I don’t have to do a thing. It runs in the background of […]

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MileIQ Keeps Track of Every Mile I Drive for Business

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