We are celebrating amazing women – this month and every month! Roaring is a thing of the past. Women are working smarter and faster to get the dream jobs they want. And if they don’t exist, they create their dream role in their very own creative small business. Here are just a few of those […]

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I am woman, watch me work.

CElebrating Amazing Women Entrepreneurs

Have you seen Ashley Tisdale’s Showit site? Many people only know Ashley as Sharpay Evans from High School Musical. But if you haven’t seen her since High School Musical 3 came out in 2008, then you are missing out! Ashley is the creative genius behind Frenshe.com, a website and lifestyle blog that is all things […]

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Ashley Tisdale’s Frenshe.Com is on Showit

Ashley Tisdale's Frenshe.com is on Showit

Top Influencers are sharing their stories to uplift and encourage the black community Bernel of Branded by Bernel “I was then in a place where I wasn’t relatable to my friends because I do feel like entrepreneurship as a woman of color is also a huge hurdle. So it’s just a really lonely space. The […]

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Black History is being made now in the creative world

With Photographer and Educator, Michelle Harris. Free to Be Me – A Showit Creator Series Finding success in the creative space is a hard to do, as well as hard to define. Because success is as unique as each person who seeks it. And every person is creative, but people discover their creativity in different […]

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Finding Success through Determination, Hustle.

Michelle Harris Showit Creator Series

We here at Showit celebrate Juneteenth as a company and as individuals. So, if you were wondering, “how can I celebrate Juneteenth?” we are here to help! Why should we celebrate? We celebrate Juneteenth at Showit because it signifies a day this country moved closer to one of its most important aspirations: unity. Of the […]

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How Can I Celebrate Juneteenth?

With Designer Elizabeth McCravy Free to Be Me – A Showit Creator Series Elizabeth McCravy is a phenomenally successful website designer. From a young age, she loved to create on the computer. What a great bonus she created things that people were excited to share! Starting with MySpace layouts in middle school, and now, designing […]

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Encouragement for an Entrepreneur at Heart

With Website Designer Octavia Elease Free to Be Me – A Showit Creator Series What if we told you that you could reach a destination farther than you could see? Would you believe us? And how could websites possibly play a role in this story? We have role models and personal heroes because of the […]

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Reaching For What You Can’t See

If you’ve been on Instagram for any length of time, then you have undoubtedly seen this woman, and her work. Jenna Kutcher is a part of the Showit Family, and we are so happy to have her! Jenna’s super-fun site was created with the help of Showit  Design Partner, Jen Olmstead. In the beginning Like […]

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A Website to Set You Apart with Jenna Kutcher

jenna kutcher's website on Showit

Welcome to the Showit Creator Series, called, “Free to be me”. In this third episode in the series, we’d love to introduce you to Jen Olmstead, website designer extraordinaire.

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How a Great Story Fashions a Great Brand

Welcome to the Showit Creator Series, called, “Free to be me”. In this second episode in the series, we’d love to introduce you to Krista Jones

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Choosing an Alternative Path in Your Creative Business

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