Your website is an important piece of your business and at Showit are constantly striving to provide you with the best tools to express your creative freedom as you build your website. For those who just want the summary of this article, here is the TLDR: The Internet is changing and Flash is not loaded […]

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Showit Desktop and Flash

from flash to html

Happy October 10th everyone, and happy 10th anniversary to Showit!!* Where were YOU on October 10, 2006? Where have you come since then? Ten years can teach us a lot of things, and we wanted to share ten lessons we’ve learned these last ten years. 10 Lessons Learned: “When your business is about helping others, […]

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It’s our 10th on 10/10!!!

We are getting so very excited for Showit UNITED guys! It is a month and a half away! Are you ready? Did you get your Freedom Ball tickets? Do you know who your roommate is going to be? And do you have all your breakout sessions in order? If you haven’t finished picking all your […]

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Friday Five: The Breakout Session Edition

  2005 was a crazy year for many. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were still together, though Destiny’s Child had just announced that they were breaking up. Angelina Jolie also broke up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, with the release of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Took me a hot second to get over that one: […]

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Friday Five: Latest Features on Showit 5

It was a break-up no one assumed would come. They had always had their disagreements from the beginning. A relationship that started in their pre-teens, it was a classic-case of opposites-attract. One boy would scale walls and hide behind corners seeking adventure and surprise. The other, always in search of a laugh and a new […]

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A Break-Up Story

For some time now, we’ve been putting up posts profiling the members of our Showit team, and today we want to give you the chance to meet the gal behind these posts. Cassandra Campbell prefers to stay behind the scenes and behind the camera, but the fact is, you all know her. When you see […]

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Spreads the Love and a Friend to All – It’s Cassandra Campbell!

Wow 2015! That was fast! Its seems like only last year we were busy listening to Happy, by Pharrell, and freaking out over this Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial. But no, that was 2014. 2015 brought us so many more songs, many more viral videos and so many good memories. The staff at Showit took some […]

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2015 Showit Staff Memories

Update: We’re happy to announce the following winners! 50mm Lens – Lisa Vander Meulen Professional Flash – Abby Theresa 28mm Lens – Brian Flanagan 85mm Lens – Katie Leigh Hutt 5 Year of SHOWIT 5 – Kristy Cormack Thanks to everyone that participated!   We love the Christmas season here at Showit… and we love […]

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Win Jasmine Star’s 5 Favorite Things

I remember the day JT (Showit Design Lead) showed me this little trick I’m about to share with you. Perhaps you use it all the time… but if you don’t, be prepared to get excited. This Showit Desktop feature is bound to make designing a little easier. When you’ve selected an item on the Showit […]

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Showit Feature: Vertical and Horizontal Centering Tools

It’s not every employee that gets to see the CEO in his jammies. Well, unless, of course, you are his wife and co-owner of the company. In the early years of Showit, Elisa Watson had to do it all. Bookkeeping, human resources, production, events, and every other odd job that is required to run a […]

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