Showiteer Callie Beale discusses ten common things couples would change about their wedding if they could do it over again.

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Top 10 Things People Would Change About Their Wedding

intimate bridal party

When you find yourself second guessing what you can actually take through airport security, it’s good to have a plan. Obviously you understand and abide by the obvious no guns, no fireworks, no “sharp-pointy-things” rules. But food just seems like one of those things that you are never quote sure what you can and cannot […]

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9 Easy Snacks to Take Through Airport Security Without Getting Arrested

Airport and travelers

Can we all agree that what the world needs is more love, more kindness, and more Starburst jelly beans? What’s the kindest thing that someone has randomly done for you? For me, as a foster mom, and the proud ‘owner’ of the best friends in the world, I get a lot of anonymous gifts from […]

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Kindness for Kindness Sake

random acts of kindness day

It’s winter. And for many photographers, that means cozying up by the fire with our laptops and a cup of coffee and working hard through those projects we want to get done before busy season starts. We’re setting up shop for next year, updating galleries on our websites and our bridal guides, and anxiously waiting […]

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The Gathering Place – 5 Ways You Can Stay Inspired

Oh, 2016! How you continued to kick us in the teeth over and over again with the endless supply of bad news and celebrity deaths. This year we lost Prince, a Princess, and a marriage that we all thought would truly be a til death do us part situation – #brangelinaforever. But even with all […]

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Resolutions from the Mothership

11 days til Christmas. I told myself that I was going to do an Elf on the Shelf for my kids for the 12 Days of Christmas. Well… That did not happen. Maybe I will do it for the last 10 days before Christmas… Even though I am not good about getting this fictional magical […]

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The Wonderful Gift of: Apparel

It’s almost Christmas my friends! 13 days to be exact. Are you finished with your Christmas shopping? I’m not even close! This week, we want to help you guys out with some of those pesky gifts you need to get for your friends and family that you can’t find a gift for! Today’s post is […]

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The Wonderful Gift of: Philanthropy

Happy Friday friends! You may or may not be aware, but something is happening right now that will affect all of us in the very near future. That’s right- New York Fashion Week. Whether you care about fashion or not, this still affects you, because you HAVE TO WEAR CLOTHES. You must. It’s an absolute […]

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Friday Five: The Style Edition

People. #ShowitUNITED is in 65 days!!! To help get us pumped up for this amazing conference, I enlisted the help of wonderful Showiteer, Jessica Wong of JessicaQPhotography , to give us her experience from last year’s UNITED, and what she is excited for with the upcoming one.   1. How Many UNITED Conferences have you […]

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Friday Five: The Jessica Loves UNITED Edition

Your kids are in school again! Hallelujah! Release the doves! (Unless you live on the east coast, and your school district respects the sanctity of Labor Day, and you don’t start school until Tuesday September 6. In which case – live up the next 24 days!) Even if you don’t have kids, you’re going to […]

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Friday Five: The Back to School Edition

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