When you find yourself second guessing what you can actually take through airport security, it’s good to have a plan. Obviously you understand and abide by the obvious no guns, no fireworks, no “sharp-pointy-things” rules. But food just seems like one of those things that you are never quote sure what you can and cannot […]

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9 Easy Snacks to Take Through Airport Security Without Getting Arrested

Airport and travelers

Hi, my name is Shannon and I'm a travel addict. For as long as I remember, traveling has been something that my family does. Growing up in Boston but having all of my family in Ireland and Switzerland meant that we traveled home to see them every year or two. As I've grown up, I've […]

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7 Travel Tips to Make Your Life Easier!

Finding a roommate for an event like United is actually easier than you think. I know that it can be intimidating to attend an event like United, especially if it’s your first time to a conference or workshop. You might not know anyone, or you know the people, but only from your interactions (or observations) […]

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How to Find a Roommate For United

The reason I LOVE Showiteers so much is because it’s a group that loves! It’s a group that let’s new people in, embraces them, and really cares. That just makes me smile so big. The rest of this article is likely old news for a group like this. But I thought a little story about […]

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Making WPPI a Success through Loving

Hey Showiteers, for those of you traveling this holiday season, maybe for a very Classy Christmas at the Mothership, check out this sweet deal we found with Silvercar! First of all, Silvercar is to rentals as Uber is to taxis. It has rental locations at the major Airports in: Austin, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, […]

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Holiday Travel Hack: $1 Audi A4 Rental for the Weekend + Free Gift!

Callie Beale shares her experience with the Megabus- a fantastic way for creatives to travel affordably.

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Megabus- The Most Fun You Can Have For $9.50

When I started my first company, traveling to key events seemed vital to our success. In the years since then, I have made it to some events and missed others. The ones I was able to attend gave me inspiration, drive, and brought new friendships. So it’s a no brainier to fly out to major […]

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Tips for Flying on a Budget

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