Do you resolve every month to take amazing photos of your kids without a fancy camera? If think you need to be a professional, you are wrong! To take better photos of your kids, you just have to know the tricks of the professionals! Just a few tricks, in fact, and you’ll be shooting on […]

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Ten Tips for Taking Better Photos Of Your Kids

kids on counter cooking and eating

Are you scaring away your ideal client by using the wrong gallery? Showcase your work on your website with the perfect online gallery based on your style and ideal client. You will be attracting new viewers to your website and helping to convert them by using the best online galleries to suit your photographic and design style.

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Showit Galleries: Which style will work best to showcase your work?

This is the portion of the evening, ahem, year, when we would like to say thank you. Thank you to all the people that make United possible. Two groups of people in particular. You, the people. Showit United would not, and could not be possible without YOU, the attendees. If you didn’t show up with […]

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Showit United and Friends.

Showit United

If you feel like you are the victim of Hermionie Granger's “Petrifioustotalus” spell when you go to update your online portfolio, you aren't alone. We don't have a spell to relieve you of the immobility you might be experiencing in updating your online portfolio. However, we do have three keys points that will remedy your […]

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Updating Your Online Portfolio

  One of the most important parts of your role as a wedding photographer is to manage your client's expectations, which is crucial to the success of your business. There are many ways for you to achieve this goal, but a simple way to start is to set realistic turnaround times for your clients. We […]

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How to Set Realistic Turnaround Times for Your Clients

In the competitive and ever-changing photography industry, setting the proper pricing for your products and services is essential. Your pricing has to be clear and easy for your potential clients to understand. Additionally, it has to be set up to ensure you are profiting when all is said and done! Charge too much, and you […]

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4 Ways to Know If You’re Charging Too Little in Your Photography Business

It’s a question that’s been asked by photographers all over – do you watermark images on social media or not? While there’s no clear cut and dry answer, and the preference falls to the photographer, there are pros and cons to posting watermarked images on social media. Pros : The pros of watermarking in social […]

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The Gathering Place : Watermarks on Social Media

Styled shoots require a lot of time, effort, and resources. When we come together as a community of creatives, styled shoots are an opportunity to focus on the craft and not worry about the logistics. At Showit United, we take care of the who, what, and where so you can totally focus on your photography and do your very best creating.

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The Who, What, When, and Why of Styled Shoots

There is a cute blond that second shoots for Andrew Fry. You see her in the opening video of Andrew’s Showit site. In this industry where there are so many husband and wife teams, one would assume it was his wife. But they are a different kind of family team, the cute blond is Rachel, […]

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Getting Down to Business with Andrew Fry

Full-time photographer Amanda Fothergill recently came across an interview she had given in college. She was a senior at the time, and like all seniors, she was planning for the rapidly approaching “real world.” “I am looking for an accounting position now and applying for a Masters of Accounting Program, however, I hope to one […]

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The Perfect Plan with Amanda Fothergill

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