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If you've been on Instagram for any length of time, then you have undoubtedly seen this woman, and her work. Just recently, Jenna Kutcher joined the Showit Family, and we are so happy to have her! Jenna was so excited to launch her super-fun site with the help of fellow Showit user and Design Partner, Jen Olmstead, she had to put it in words! Without further ado, here is Showiteer Jenna Kutcher: jenna_kutcher new Showit website

“It's been months in the making (and completely under wraps!) So how? Why? When? I'm sure you're wondering so I want to break it on down for you just a little bitty bit!

WHY: Like many businesses my brand had evolved over the years. The last time I had my website done was in 2011 when I was just getting started! My business and brand was growing, yet my website stayed the same. One of the biggest things I like to teach is going against the grain, swimming against the current, and yet my webspace blended into the masses and it just didn't feel like “me.” I wasn't proud to send people to it and I knew it needed to change – so change we did. My whole vision was: high end, laid back. Quality but fun! Jen nailed that through and through, I wanted it to be an experience just like my clients can expect when they hire me! Well, I've had the same website since I started back in 2011 (yes, I kept a site for a solid five years!) It was beautiful and simple but it looked and felt just like every other photography site to me. As I've honed in and owned my brand (and just me, in general) I realized I was totally done blending in. I wanted elements that I had never seen before like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” component, a handwritten Cosmopolitan style quiz, a few little video snippets, and other pieces that just felt like ME and what I love.
WHAT: My brand new site houses everything that I do in one place: photography, watercolor, blogging and education! I'm a girl who likes to have her hands in many projects and so it was super important to me to have one place for everyone to go to find whatever it was they were looking for. I needed a home that housed my brand and felt cohesive from the first click. Let's be honest, running multiple brands and websites on different platforms is anything but glamorous or easy, so when I finally said “enough is enough” and got this project going, I couldn't stop!
HOW: How did I choose Showit? Well, I'd like to say that Showit chose me. Seriously though, when I met Jen and realized this was the platform she was on, I was excited. A few days later, Todd called to just talk to me. It felt so organic, so right, and working with people who are excited about their product and service is pretty much the best.
Jenna Kutcher, social media queen and photographer. New website with Showit

My three favorite things about switching to Showit:

1. Creative Freedom: Dude, look at my site. You could click through it for days! Watching Jen create the design and then implement it was like watching a magician pull a rabbit out of her hat. It was incredible to see it all come to life (and can we just talk about how pretty my site looks on mobile? FINALLY!)

2. Crazy Visual Impact: I love the mix of photos and videos to give people an actual feel of who you are. It isn't just one static image on a bio page, it's ME plastered everywhere on the site so they recognize who I am, hear my voice, and feel like they are my friend with every click of the mouse.

3. Your Design on WordPress: Fear held me back because I thought that transferring my blog would be a pain in the you-know-what but transferring it over from WordPress was extremely easy and way less of a headache than I imagined. I didn't have to start over or lose posts, they all scooted over effortlessly onto my new blog home!

So now what? I want you to poke around, click around, enjoy the experience! I want you to “feel the feels” and see the heart Jen and I have put into this new website. Sure, it's just a little corner of the world wide web, but to me it feels like an exciting new home! One I want to send everyone and anyone to, because it's simply: me.”

Not to be biased, but that was an awesome over-view! We are so grateful to have Jenna in the community as one of her main focuses is on education. She has just started an amazing photography course to show how she went from a creative with a $300 Craigslist camera to having a 6-figure business with a waitlist of high-end clients. And she always has tons of free content on her Showit WordPress blog, and through her Facebook page.

We love celebrating launches and Showiteers! If you have published a new Showit 5 site or know of someone making contributions to the creative community, we would love to share about it. Just leave a comment on our Facebook page, Instagram, or hop into your Showit app and drop us a line!

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