Megabus- The Most Fun You Can Have For $9.50

May 13, 2014


Callie Beale

I am a wandering soul- I would be in a different state or country every week if possible. As creatives there is nothing more exciting than hitting the open road with your camera in search of adventure and photo opportunities. Photography expenses add up quickly- so any time I find a travel hack I get crazy excited and tell anyone and everyone! Enter: the Megabus. This really rocked my world. The Megabus is a charter bus operating in a few different countries that provides extremely affordable transportation. Incredibly clean and loaded with Wifi, these double decker buses are the stuff dreams such as mine are made of. I could not even sleep that night because dreams of adventures kept me awake. To be honest I even considered going on a day trip to Nashville the next day to shoot to my heart's content and then return home. I immediately pulled up their destinations and chose New Orleans from a list. My adventure partner-in-crime and Showiteer Aundrea Shafer agreed to meet me there so I decided to see what it was about. I bought my ticket from Atlanta to New Orleans about two months ahead of my trip… get this… for $9.50 round trip. Insane, right!? Ticket prices are best when booked ahead of time. The most I have seen a ticket priced is around $40.

Since I am a young single girl I knew that I needed to do some research before I set off on a solo trip because let's be real- I am not asking to be kidnapped and/or pillaged for $9.50. I talked Megabus with pretty much everyone I came in contact with for a few weeks. I got a lot of great tips from people who had traveled on it. So many people and their grandma (literally) had used it and thought that it was definitely worth checking out. The worst complaint that I received was reports of people talking loudly on the phone. I thought to myself that if noise was the worst of my worries that a good pair of headphones would suffice as a remedy for that problem. I was a little nervous but super excited to give it a shot.

The Megabus allows one carry on and a personal item. I donned my Herschel Supply Co recently purchased and modified to safely carry my camera equipment and enough sun dresses and books to last me for my 6 day stay. I had been advised to sit on the top level since the restroom is on the bottom level. I have to say that looking back that wouldn't have even been an issue! Their facilities were kept spotless. The drivers were entertaining and set down the ground rules before we took off. They reminded people to use headphones for music, if they must talk on the phone to do so quietly and such. It was fantastic! Both buses were very clean and it's patrons very quiet and respectful. During the eight hour ride I edited photos, wrote thank you notes, got my Mad Men on and made a handful of friends! We only stopped two or three times- all very brief except for one 20 minute stop in Alabama at a gas station which was welcomed so I could go in and get some snacks. I would recommend packing lots of drinks and snacks if you' are a eatin' girl like me 🙂 On my outgoing trip I sat with this really nice guy named Mike who had just finished his Masters in Public Health from Emory. We got off the bus in New Orleans and had a celebratory drink for his accomplishment. My return trip I sat beside two different families. The children were very quiet and well behaved. I have nothing but praises to sing about my experience on the Megabus and can't wait to plan another trip!

Aundrea and I love, love, love using AirBnb. We had a wonderful experience while saving money on our housing as well! (Stay tuned for a post on the beauty of Airbnb from Aundrea soon!) Since I had saved hundreds not buying a plane ticket I felt better about spending some of that money exploring the city. I even found a first edition signed copy of my favorite book by my favorite author- Rebecca Wells. We enjoyed eating in courtyards, wandering around the French Quarter and the Garden District. Aundrea took Instax photos of strangers (mostly couples waltzing around the city) and then made them cry tears of happiness when she gave them to the passerbys. They loved it! We didn't get anywhere quickly since we were two photographers in a gorgeous city at the peak of Spring. I begged her to let me join a wedding second line that paraded in front of us when we were on a late night snack run. It was delightful-so many laughs and a wealth of keepsake photos. An inspirational and affordable getaway with another creative was just what was needed!

If you have any questions about my Megabus trip please feel free to ask! To see more photos from the Megabus and New Orleans adventure check out my Instagram here!

megabus-travel-photographer-01 megabus-travel-photographer-02 megabus-travel-photographer-03 megabus-travel-photographer-04 megabus-travel-photographer-05 megabus-travel-photographer-06




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