Featured Showiteer – Jessica Wong


jessicaq (5)A bride on her wedding day has a lot to think about. First there is the ritual hair and make-up, then the fancy dress, smile for the camera, “I do,” greet the guests, thank the guests, obligatory funky chicken or electric slide, and finally the honeymoon. It's a busy day. Jessica Wong knows all about it. On her wedding day she checked all the official wedding day “To Do's” off her list. But the one that stuck with her? Her photographer.

jessicaq (8)She’s just such a warm and welcoming person and from the moment we met with her, I knew that she would be a friend and not just a vendor.” So inspiring was their photographer/client relationship, Jessica gives credit to her wedding photographer, Brittany Janelle, for being the catapult to enter the photography industry. “There are so many photographers that I look up to but the one photographer that started me in my journey is Brittany Janelle.” Because of such an amazing personal experience with her own wedding photographer, Jessica dove into photography with gusto!

jessicaq (9)Judging from her website at JessicaQPhotography.com, and social media presence, one would assume Jessica is a full-time photographer. We did! Yet despite the obvious time she puts into photography and each marketing platform, Jessica is holding down a 9 to 5 alongside her photography business. But after three years and an awesome experience at Showit UNITED, Jessica Q Photography will be full-time in just a couple months! ”I recently attended my first photography conference at United and in part, that was a huge piece in motivating me to go full-time. It was so inspiring to listen to the greats like Katelyn James, Mary Marantz, and Amy & Jordan talk about their journey and how they got to where they are now; I just felt like it was time for me to give photography 100% of my time. I actually decided that if I ever get to a point where I was turning away business on a regular basis, that I would quit my day job and go full time. With the support of my husband, I can’t wait to make that leap Jan 1 2016!

While Jessica is humble enough to learn from UNITED speakers and look to others like Daniel Kim or Jose Villa for inspiration, she is very much an advocate on not playing the comparison game. jessicaq (10)I believe that no matter where you are in your business, there will always be someone better. And nothing will be more depressing than constantly comparing yourself to others. I am still guilty of this…my Instagram feed is full of amazing photographers I want to be like, but what I’ve learned is that you need to find your own voice and never stop trying to be better than you were yesterday. The ONLY person you need to compare yourself to is the you of yesterday.

There is no doubt in our minds that others are looking through Jessica's Instagram feed for inspiration as they start their businesses! She has already found a voice and style that sets her apart. When you find yourself on her website, or any platform, really, she has remained so consistent with her voice; you immediately know her client. For example, even her love of the TV show Friends fit into tiny pockets that only a fellow Friends lover would notice. Jessica has done such an amazing job infusing her personality into all aspects of her brand. If you aren't thinking “I want her as my photographer,” you are thinking, “Oh, she would be the perfect photographer for my best friend's wedding!”

Personable, creative, and talented… There is no doubt in our minds Jessica Wong won't find immediate success as a full-time photographer! jessicaq (2)We are so excited and proud of Jessica Wong for taking the plunge and pursuing her dreams! Check her out, encourage her, give her a pat of encouragement! If you have been there, you know! If you hope to be there, you can follow along with Jessica as she runs down those creative dreams on her blog, website, Facebook and, of course, her inspiring Instagram feed.


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