A Well Curated Life with Lauren Fair Photography

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No matter what platform you choose, Lauren Fair Photography has it covered. Being a little bit skewed to our love of websites, we first discovered Lauren’s artful and organic delivery of her romantic brand through her Showit site, LaurenFairPhotography.com.  However, with a few clicks, some reading, a few more clicks, some more reading, it wasn’t long before we felt like we knew them!  Isn’t that what it’s all about? To be so spot on in consistency in your brand and voice, that your potential client feels like they know you, identifies with you, and wants to know more?

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Turns out Lauren and her business partner (who also happens to be her husband), knew exactly what they were doing! They want their lives to be an extension of their business. Since this has been the only business they have known, it’s important this passion is conveyed. “I’ve only ever been a photographer! I started off in College (where I studied communications and business) and my husband Tim joined me early on. We built the business together from the ground up starting in late 2010.LaurenFair (5)Through that process, they have learned the benefit of building a strong visual foundation. That, in fact, is their first advice to any creative starting down the same path. 

Create a strong brand that will attract your ideal clientele. Show only your best work, and curate it so that you’re showing the images that you LOVE and want to shoot more of.”

Lauren and her husband Tim do have a well-curated life that merges with their business philosophy well. On every page of their website, you will see their mission statement. “Crafting beautiful, authentic stories for adventurous couples in love.” The genius behind this mission statement is that these two creatives incorporate it into their daily lives!


LaurenFair (4)The biggest thing that inspires us is travel. Getting out and exploring the world is our biggest inspiration. Also, shooting for fun or creating our own work that’s not for clients is a big source of inspiration. We also try to surround ourselves with inspiring, positive and creative people that are supportive of what we do, and those relationships help fill up our creative tanks, too. We also have an old farmhouse that we’ve been restoring for the past several years and I find that decorating + design is also a creative outlet outside of photography.” 

With so many creative outlets, it’s no wonder their business is thriving! With over eleven thousand followers on Instagram, many are responding to their aesthetics and fun-loving voice. With the momentum of a thriving business, Lauren and Tim feel it’s important to trust themselves and their own personal perspective.

Now that we have found our own style, we try to not follow photographers except our good friends to support each other, in order to stay true to our own voice. I would say we strive to create a body of work that focuses on genuine emotion and beautiful portraits, with an editorial edge but also with a soft, romantic quality of light.

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With every platform oozing their philosophy, it’s easy to see their passion for adventure, love, and their craft. But, please, don’t take our word for it! Check out Lauren Fair Photography for yourself. You will come to see that Lauren and Tim are ahead of the game when it comes to consistency in their message. They are proof that a well-curated life is key to a thriving small business.


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