Photography Veteran: Scott Kretschmann

When I first reached out to the Showit community and asked if we had members of the military for a feature for Veteran's Day, I never imagined I would end up talking with so many amazing people. There are so many heroes in our community, and I'm honored I got to hear some of their stories to share with you all.

One such member is Scott Kretschmann. The guy is SUPER helpful, always willing to jump in and answer a question in the Showiteer's group, and it turns out he's also a resident bad a$$- but in a good way. I asked Scott to tell his story of how he went from hunting pirates in Somalia and working with explosives to creating dynamic images for his clients.
Tell us your story, Scott- how did you transition over?

Veteran Photographers- Scott Kretschmann

Scott: Photography has always been a passion for me, but before I made it my career, it was only a hobby (as I imagine it was for everyone reading this). My first career was as an officer in the US Navy. I was in the service for 8 years as a Naval Aviator, specifically as a helicopter pilot.



I had a varied career from flying and hunting pirates off the coast of Somalia, chasing submarines around the Atlantic, riding with Explosive Ordnance Disposal in Baghdad doing counter-IED work in convoys, and even being a college professor teaching future naval officers for a few years. It was incredibly thrilling and rewarding work and I got to serve with some of the most amazing people I will ever have the pleasure of knowing. However, many years of deployments were taxing and I really wanted to spend more time with my amazing wife Lisa so as my time in the Navy drew to a close I knew it was time to take my hobby of photography and go full time with it.

Kretschmann Studio-1

Kretschmann Studio-2

I have been shooting since I got my start photographing college sports at Georgia Tech and i continued following my passion of photojournalism on the side during my military career. A few years prior to the end of my service, I had started shooting weddings because I was a little tired of photographing in war zones and seeing so much destruction and sorrow. I really wanted to photograph something happy, so weddings were a natural choice. We gave it a try and completely fell in love with all the love, joy, and excitement surrounding the wedding day. It was such a different kind of rush getting let in to that experience by our amazing clients and their friends and family each and every weekend, we just knew this would be the perfect next step in life for us.

Kretschmann Studio-4 Kretschmann Studio-3

We are now a husband and wife team shooting together for roughly 40 weddings a year based in Upstate NY, though we do travel a ton. It's definitely a major change from my prior life, but the adrenaline rush is still there, and I probably couldn't have come upon my current career any other way.

Kretschmann Studio-5 Kretschmann Studio-6

Thanks so much Scott for sharing your story with us!! I know I speak for everyone when I say thank you for your service. Your work is gorgeous and we are so blessed to have you as part of the Showiteer community!!

I encourage everyone reading this to not only appreciate the sacrifice and dedication of our military on special occasions like Veteran's Day, or Remembrance Day, but every day. Take some time to thank the people in your life who do so much to protect the freedom we take for granted. We are so blessed to live in countries where we are truly free, and it is because of men and women who put their lives on the line for us.

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