Quick Website Tips for 2016


Many couples are about to get engaged over the holidays and the new year is a great time to make updates to your site in preparation for them. Our SHOWIT Design Partners highlight some quick changes you can make to your website that will help give it a fresh feeling for your new visitors.

JT_profile_bw500Update Your Homepage

One of the quickest ways to give your site a refresh is to update any photos you display on your homepage.


As you consider which photos to use be sure to have your prospective customer in mind. Choose photos that will connect with the emotions of a newly engaged couple and that showcase your unique style.
– JT at Showit

designer_rachael_earl_profile_800pxChange Gallery Styles

Try switching up your gallery style! SHOWIT offers 4 types of desktop galleries and 3 types of mobile galleries that offer a ton of possibilities for your desktop and mobile site.


From the simple gallery (with fading and sliding transitions) to the scrolling gallery to the masonry gallery optimized for mobile, you're sure to find one that suits your style.


Does it seem like too much of a hassle to add a new gallery to your site and then re-add your images in later? Instead, try replacing the gallery layer with your new gallery style. Simply click on your existing gallery, find the new gallery style you would like to use in the Showit widget panel, and hover over the new one until you find the “Replace Layer” option.


Click to replace the layer, and all of your images remain intact just as before, but in your fancy new gallery. Want to retain the proportions of your old gallery? Simply hold down the shift key before clicking on the “Replace Layer” option, and the new gallery will retain the same dimensions as the old one.” –Rachael Earl at Earl & Layne

2blokes_jason_profile.jpg_medKnow Where Visitors Go

Knowing where your visitors go is key to knowing how to serve them. An easy place to start is by adding your Google Analytics code during a ‘Full Publish' of your site in SHOWIT. The information this gathers will help you understand how visitors use your site after you launch! –Jason Toevs at 2 Blokes Design

ashleystamperAdd a Top 10 Section

Your about me can be a make or break for the person viewing your site! If they don't feel that connection with you, then they may pass up on contacting you for more information! A super easy and awesome way to make your about me section fun and enticing is to add a simple top 10 area!

A few examples of top 10 lists you can place into your about me page are things you love, places that you have traveled (work or pleasure), or facts people didn't know about you! Want to get even more involved; add a few candid pictures to match a few things on your list! Your about me page shouldn't be stuffy and monotone, and should really talk about what you have to offer versus your competition! This just warms it up even more with something fun! –Ash Stamper at Laynie and Belle

JT_profile_bw500Show Your Summer Pics

Many couples will get engaged over the holidays and many of those couples will marry this next summer. With that in mind you may want to adjust your portfolio to showcase weddings that occur during that same time period.


Consider showcasing your photos from last summer and adjusting your portfolio again in Spring to show Fall weddings. –JT at Showit

designer_melissa_loveHelp Your Raves to Shine

The sweet words your customers have got to say about you are one of the most powerful tools on your website but it's often one of the last pages to be designed and you just *might* have run out of design inspiration by this point. If this is you, choose your favourite testimonials and make sure you dig out a killer image to match.
Visitors to your site are much more likely to connect with those kind words when they can see the beautiful images you created to inspire them. Melissa Love at The Design Space

Mobile_tip_fold2blokes_jason_profile.jpg_medRespect The Fold

With a SHOWIT Mobile site, a key way to gain more engagement is to make sure your call to action is above “the fold” or the bottom of the first screen. This way they can jump right in before scrolling. This easy arrangement can increase your click through rate drastically! –Jason Toevs at 2 Blokes Design

JasonLUpdate Your Social Media

It's the perfect time to review all of your social media links on your website. Maybe this last year you decided to focus on specific platforms and you no longer use others. Remove the unused platforms and only link the ones you're most active on. – Jason Lackey at Showit

designer_melissa_loveHot Off The Press

Don't forget about your “In The Press” section. Don't let blurry scans of magazines weaken your brand. Lead with the image that was published or featured and show the front cover of that awesome magazine as an inset.
Your website visitors will recognise the magazine or blog you were featured much more easily and understand exactly why you are awesome enough to have been published in a respected industry publication. -Melissa Love at The Design Space

JT_profile_bw500Check Your Contact Form

“You never want to miss a potential customer during this busy booking season. Be sure to test your contact form on your website to make sure it's working correctly.


If you're on SHOWIT you can also signup for text message alerts in your account to know immediately when someone submits. You can also review all previous messages. – JT at Showit

2blokes_jason_profile.jpg_medChoose Readable Fonts

Remember, when you have a brand that is viewed on a large screen as well as a smaller mobile device, fonts are important. Choose fonts that will be legible big or small. Read more about choosing fonts. –Jason Toevs at 2 Blokes Design

JT_profile_bw500Simplify Your Information

There are many ways to attract customers but in most cases everyone agrees that oversharing can do more damage than help. If you have all of your package information on your site consider pulling some details off.


Reserving some of that information gives your customer a reason to contact you and it gives you an opportunity to speak about how you provide a unique service. You're 100% more likely to book someone that has contacts you for details versus someone that doesn't. -JT at Showit

Jason Toevs 2 Blokes DesignUse Color Strategically

Color is one of the best ways to draw attention to something important on your site. A more neutral palette will end itself to a modern look, while splashes of color will give your call to actions or headings a place to stand out and draw attention. – Jason Toevs at 2 Blokes Design

Jason Toevs 2 Blokes DesignLead Your Visitors

There is a constant debate between ‘exploring' websites and ‘leading' people through them.

A good balance is to lead your visitors to a few key places, and let them explore from there. This way you can minimize frustration, and maximize the experience. -Jason Toevs at 2 Blokes Design

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