Friday Five: The Breakout Session Edition


We are getting so very excited for Showit UNITED guys! It is a month and a half away! Are you ready? Did you get your Freedom Ball tickets? Do you know who your roommate is going to be? And do you have all your breakout sessions in order? If you haven't finished picking all your breakout sessions, here are a few that still have room in them – but seats are filling up fast so you are definitely going to want to jump on the opportunity to learn from these incredible industry leaders!

Lukas Van Dyke – 7 Steps to Transform Your Business & Life into Something Magnificent. Monday Afternoon.

As half of the dynamic duo of Lukas and Suzy Van Dyke, Lukas truly has a Magnificent life and business! Or businesses. He also owns and runs Chasing Lockets, a proud sponsor of UNITED, and also Wild and Free Supply. Lukas loves his family, and he loves to help those around him.

In this breakout session Lukas is going to take you on his journey from being in a posh hotel in Beverly Hills to being stranded in a mud hut in Honduras, and then back again. He will share practical ways for you to gain control of your life, formulate your dreams, and take action to transform your world.

If you need some inspiration in your business, and life, this is the session for you!

Donal Doherty – Life Hacks for an Efficient Business. Tuesday Morning.

Guys, Donal wins the non-existent prize for person traveling the furthest to come to United. Donal lives in Northern Ireland and has so much wisdom and experience to share with us – and all in his INCREDIBLE Irish accent!

He has a strong interest in helping other creatives and does so through Engage Live. Donal writes a regular column in Photo Professional Magazine and has recently released his best selling book, ‘Engage! Social Media Marketing for Photographers,' A regular speaker at the SWPP Convention in London, Donal tours the UK with Photovision Roadshows and the world with workshops to help photographers to create a business and life they love.

He is going to be bringing it to this breakout session and you are not going to want to miss it!

Tomayia Colvin – The Key to Building your Senior Business. Monday afternoon.

If you follow Tomayia on social media, you should already have an idea of what to expect at this breakout session – a breath of fresh air! This woman is so bright (she wrote the cutest book for kids!), so vibrant, so real, and she has so much love for those around her, and this is all seen in her life and her work.

Tomayia has a heart for teens and the burdens of being a young person in today's society. She sees the Photography industry as one of the leading causes of the reasons teens are growing more and more uncomfortable in their bodies, and she is on a mission to change that, through one Senior session at a time.

She wants to change Seniors' lives, the social norm, and help build young people's confidence, as well as your business – won't you join her on this mission?

Two Fantastic Educational Shoots:

EDUCATIONAL SHOOT: This breakout session is an educational shoot that includes an opportunity for attendees to participate hands-on and shoot during the class. This educational shoot will not be styled as a styled shoot, but is meant for hands on learning experiences with a teacher guiding you through how they have perfected their craft. You will gain instruction, as well as be able to practice the technique with your own gear

Keith Powell – Artistic Senior Portraits. Tuesday Morning Educational Shoot

Keith Powell is a bold force to be reckoned with. Have you seen his website? It is strong, fierce, and unique, just like the Seniors that he captures.

He specializes in creative Senior portraits using off camera flash outdoors for his signature senior portrait style. He'll be leading attendees with young models and teaching many tips and tricks for adding creative lighting to outdoor portraits. From concept to shooting and the business of senior photography attendees will learn everything in between during their time with Keith.

This is going to be an amazing opportunity to have some great hands-on experience with a serious pro.

Misty Christiansen – Epic Ring Shots. Monday Afternoon Educational Shoot

Details from Swiftwater Cellars Wedding:

Misty Christiansen is too cute! I have never met her before, but she loves Disney movies and Justin Timberlake, so I am sure we will become friends one day soon!

She will be leading and sharing all her techniques in creating amazing ring shots on wedding days. Focusing on the art of detail shooting, she'll be providing a hands-on experience helping you to learn new creative ways to shoot a favorite of wedding day details.

You are not going to want to miss out on this amazing chance to learn from Misty and have a chance to create even more beautiful images for your future clients!

Register NOW!

And have a great Friday!!



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