The Wonderful Gift of: Literature


You know those people who are doing a million things and then they add, “Oh, and I'd like to write a book.” And you laugh because they are so obviously delusional. And then they go and write that book. And then of course, it becomes a best-seller on Amazon. “Those people” are Showiteers. Two, in particular, have published books while running their photography business! And yes, they have kids, too! So they aren't actually delusional, they are just simply amazing!


Tonya Dailey

Tomayia Colvin, is a photographer who specializes in senior portraits and wedding photography out of Houston, Texas. When she is not running her business, or being mom to two fabulously well-behaved children, she is writing children's books. Her first book is one we found particularly interesting because it dealt with a little girl who wanted to be (no, not a tech developer) a photographer! Mya's Big Adventures: Career Day was released just two months ago and already has a strong five star rating on Amazon! She just finished her second entitled, The Adventures of Jaxon Maxwell: Jaxon Saves Christmas, and it is already pulling in #1 ratings. While you might be wondering how she does it, I can tell you she does not sleep.

I know, I asked.

Above all, she is driven to make a difference with the gifts she has been given. Prior to her career in photography, Tomayia taught Jr. High and High School English. Her first book was the perfect marriage of her two careers. And her second book was born of that passion. “As an educator, I know just how important it is for children to see characters that look like them in today's literature to give them hope and inspiration,” Colvin says. If there was ever a reason to give up sleep, Tomayia has found it.


Tomayia Colvin Photography

There is no doubt in my mind that another Showiteer, from Canada, shares Tomayia's sleep deprivation for a higher calling. Genevieve Georget of 15:51 Photography must have spent countless nights writing her newly released book, Her Own Wild Winds. Georget has using writing as her way to deal with pains of the past for the last 10 years. She has written several small pieces over the years that have even garnered praise from writers such as Elizabeth Gilbert. Now that she is officially in bookstores, Georget shares the shelf with Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love author, and Ghandi. Those “G's” are a mighty fine place to be!


Genevieve V. Georget

I believe most of us are just impressed she wrote a book, and even more so that it is being sold in bookstores! We know it will remain there, as well. Of course, we have a positive prejudice towards anything Showiteers produce. But it's not just a bias opinion! Reviews have been coming in on Gen's book, and they are all shining. One reader said, “Genevieve Georget's very first book is what dreams are made of for those of us who appreciate what magic can happen when pen is put to paper and you write straight from the heart.” Another reader is already reading it for a second time. Another reader shares how Gen's writing has brought her comfort, and helping her “feel less alone and lost in this beautiful world.”


Paul Sanderson Photo

It is one thing to write a book, but a whole other to make a difference in the lives of those that read it. But this is who Showiteers are – life changers. They set themselves apart by wanting to make the world better. Whether it be with humor, business, beautiful pictures, writing, or countless other avenues, Showiteers leave us in awe at their ability to fearlessly chase their dreams and encourage as many as they can to do the same!

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