What Would You do With an Unlimited Number of Websites


You read that correctly, an unlimited number of websites!

But how? Why would you want them? I'm getting to that, but first, let me say this: oh, how I love Showit. There are so many reasons. The user friendly interface, (I've been known to say, “This is so easy a trained monkey could build a website.” Then I realized that meant…well you know.) Having a website that showcases our images in a beautiful and unique way. A website that looks as beautiful on my mobile devices as it does on a desktop. Customer support that is the absolute best out there (and trust me, this trained monkey Showit user, has put them to the test! I'm sure they knew me by name the first few months we had a Showit site.) The beautiful free templates that come with your Showit site. Choose one, drag and drop your images into it, and publish. You can literally make a website in an hour using one of these! Most of all, the community of creatives that comes with your Showit subscription. Truth be told, we would pay the monthly subscription fee for the community alone. It was, hands down, the biggest game changer for our business to date. I could say so much about the community of Showiteers that it would need its own article!

There's another reason I love Showit, and it is actually one of my favorite reasons- the Plus Sites. With every Showit subscription you can build as many Plus Sites as your heart desires. Let me say that again so it will sink in. With Showit you can build unlimited websites!

Want to build a website for your bride and groom? No problem! We build a website for all of our brides and grooms. We have a template we've created that matches our branding, so we simply load the template, load their images, load their info, and voila! Their very own website, their own URL, and a place for them to send all of their guests, friends, and loved ones. Think about how many people see each of those sites, and are exposed to you, their amazing photographer.

Here is an example Plus Site that we created in about 30 minutes, using one of the templates that comes free with Showit.


Do you shoot seniors? How cool would it be to build them their own website to showcase their images? Don't just upload their images to a digital gallery or send them a DVD. Instead, send them a link to their own website to share with friends and family. With Showit, you can do that, with every senior you shoot, for free!

Are you a Newborn Photographer? How about making your client a digital Birth Announcement that they can share with loved ones?

birth announcement

Create a Plus Site for an easy way to communicate with clients about things such as Wedding Day Questionnaires, make a plus site with a form embedded into it, and send that to your brides. Oh, and did I mention you can make your site and every form you create match your brand?

Make a plus site that gives your client all of the options to choose from for building their Wedding Albums. Let them choose what type of cover they want, the image numbers to use, the size, the number of spreads. Once you have created the plus site (and did I mention you can make it to match your brand?! Okay, I know I did but it was worth a second third mention) you're done, and you can use it over and over with every client. Their answers come right to your email inbox. Save it in their client file and you will have a record of what they ordered in case there is ever a discrepancy.

landing page

wedding album



As a Showit users, we have access to creating an unlimited number of Plus Sites, and our imagination is the only limit. Let's help one another and spur each others imaginations. Write me and tell me how you use Plus Sites! Over the next couple of months we will feature some of those Plus Sites here, on Showiteer.com.


If you are interested in having your Plus Site featured, head over and read Rachael Earl's post on submitting your site! I cannot wait to see all of your creative ideas!


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