Five Things you should NEVER Groupon

Okay- just admit it. Be honest.

As photographers, we can be a bit… shall we say… “unwilling to spend” a ton of money on products. I’m not talking about camera gear, because all those shiny, new, top-notch toys are obviously NECESSARY. I’m talking about other stuff that isn’t critical to our survival, like food, clothes, entertainment, and shelter.

Fortunately for all of us gear-headed cheapskates, there’s the wonderful world of Groupon. LivingSocial. Dealfind. There’s even one called, for goodness sakes. You can find anything your little heart desires in just a few clicks and, as everyone knows when it comes to these sites… the more you spend the more you save!

Before you get carried away though, let’s talk about some things that you probably shouldn’t discount. As in photography, chances are, with these deals, you’ll get what you pay for.


1. Circumcision

Seriously. In Manilla you can get 67% off in a “Snip the Tip” procedure (yes, that's what the Groupon was called- you can't make this stuff up.) Not to be graphic, but I am pretty sure that 67% off is NOT a circumcision- it’s an amputation. Do you really want to trust your uhhhhh… telephoto… to someone who’s fishing for leads on Groupon? Really?








2. Skydiving

A friend of mine recently told me that he had purchased a Groupon for skydiving. Hopefully he has a Groupon for law services and for 40% off a headstone, because jeez Louise, people… If you’re going to pay someone to fly you 3,000 feet in the air only to push you out, make sure they’re making enough that they WANT to do it right.






3. Brazilian Waxing
Alright- fess up. You know you’ve thought about it. I mean, hypothetically, you could rip your pants open in the middle of a wedding, and what if BAM- it was like a bag of insulation ripping open? (If you don’t know what that’s like… try it sometime.) With this deal, not ONLY can you just get a Brazilian wax, but as they also offer men's waxing. You could also go “brozilian,” or maybe even get creative with a “scro-tee.” However, if you’re going to Groupon, make sure you mention you’re a good tipper. The horror stories that come out of the wax room will make your hair curl.




speed dating

4. Speed Dating
We’ve got busy lives as creatives. We’re constantly working weekends. We’re up late furiously Facebooking editing, building relationships with other photographers online, and as a result it can be hard to meet that special someone. Really though- discount SPEED DATING. That’s like going to McDonalds and expecting that a perfectly done rib eye steak is going to come through the window in four minutes or less. If, for $22 (and that’s in CANADIAN FUNDS, eh?) you can find a rich, single, successful soulmate who doesn’t live with their mother… Either they’re lying, or you’re delusional. Meet someone the old fashioned way. Stalk them.


5. Tattoos… and food.foodtats In the photography industry, if you want to really rock it, you have to find a niche market. Well apparently, in the tattoo industry the same can be said. Haven’t you ever wanted to have a Shoetoo (it’s a tattoo, for your shoe) and chilli, or maybe a new sleeve & a pint? No? Well, now you can eat where you tat, because there’s a Groupon for that. They even do piercings. Something tells me that in certain cases, that’ll take the appetizing out of the appetizer. Just say no like you mean it, and run away.

What are some CRAZY things you've seen on a deal site that we should steer clear of? We want to hear from you- list them up in the comments section!

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