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Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Age: 18
Years in Business: Four years since I photographed my first wedding
Specialty: Wedding Photography

Hey there friends, both old and new! I'm Caroline Logan, a wedding photographer, adventurer, story-teller, and believer in love. I like to think I'm a southern girl at heart, although I was born and raised in the land I'll always love and find most dear, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

I started this journey at the ripe old age of fourteen when I took a crazy leap and photographed my first solo wedding. (Yikes, I was just a baby… I know!) I've come a long way since those early days in business, and today, I have the joy and privilege of waking up each day to pursue my dream and passion! It's still a little surreal! 😉

For me, the biggest reward from running my own business has been the relationships I've built with each one of my amazing clients. I am passionate about serving my clients and providing them with the incredible experience they deserve during one of the most joy-filled, exciting seasons of their lives!

Besides that, I'm just your typical girl that loves J.Crew, chocolate covered strawberries, and coffee shops. 😉
What advice would you give new photographers?
Ohhhh man! There are so many powerful lessons I've learned throughout this journey so far, things I wish I could go back in time and tell myself when I was just starting out. 🙂 First, I would say don't be afraid to dream big dreams, but also don't forget to appreciate where you are. Sometimes it's so easy in the striving and pushing and dreaming to ONLY see where you want to be and where you're NOT, instead of focusing on how far you've come. Each new stage of building a business is such an adventure, meant to be treasured and enjoyed. Trying to be grateful for each season only opens your eyes more to what it is teaching you!
Second, I would say not to be afraid to ask questions. Some of my greatest growth as an artist and business owner has come from those moments when I've humbled myself and sought advice from peers and leaders in the industry. Their hearts for guiding and empowering have been an amazing support to me, and I owe so much to them for where I am today!
And finally, don't trick yourself into thinking you're too small to give back and help other photographers in the industry, no matter what that looks like. Sometimes that means sharing something you've learned, sometimes it's using your gifts for something bigger than yourself, or sometimes it's just being an encouraging friend to a fellow photographer. There is so much joy to be found in uplifting and serving others, and you don't have to be ten years in to start! Start today. 🙂
What is a dream you would love to make happen?
I like this question! I am always a fan of adventures, so would love to photograph a wedding on another continent someday! Dreams are fun. 🙂
Favorite shoot:
While it's too hard to choose a favorite shoot, I have lots of favorite memories from various shoots! One particularly memorable one was a wedding I photographed in late December of this past year. The bride and I had scouted out a gorgeous ivy-covered woodsy outdoor location weeks in advance, but when the day arrived, it was pouring rain (like the kind that has you wondering if you should build an Ark ;). The bride and I had to make a decision to either let the rain force us to opt for Plan B, OR to make it an adventure, embrace the rain, and have fun in the process. 😉 That day reminded me to never back away from a challenge.
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