Live: Becoming a Showiteer with Lanye Bush


We are excited to welcome Lanye Bush on Showit Live this week. She is one of our newest Showiteers and there is no doubt that you have seen her kind and encouraging words. Join us as we talk about her experience switching to Showit and what it's like to be a member of this community.

Cover photo taken by Kimberly Hicks of Kimberly Paige Photography


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There’s a lot going on this week! And maybe you don’t want to think about work, and your business, until after the holidays. We get it! Cleaning, Thanksgiving, sleeping, eating, finding the best Black Friday Cyber Monday Photography Deals! But to save you time (and money), we have compiled some of the absolute best deals […]

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How to be a great conference speaker. Follow these simple 10 tips

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Amy and Jordan started out as Elementary school teachers many years ago, and have since evolved into so many new things – photographers, parents, educators, and now podcasters. And with every new endeavor – their website grows with them. There is no such thing as out-growing your website. Whether you need a photography website, or […]

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Showit Spotlight: Amy and Jordan

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