Tammy of all Trades

September 11, 2015


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tammyThere is no obvious way to describe Tammy's job features. Accounts, human resources, editor, administration,…she really does it all. You might even catch her taking chats with the Support Team. Recently, one of the crew suggested she check into partnering with a gym. So she did! Tammy worked out a plan for our whole team to have memberships at the local gym. When it was announced in our meeting, Field smiled and said, “She doesn't want us to die.” So, we can now add that to Tammy's job description, too! Lifesaver!choir

We know we are lucky to have her on our crew. Not only in the office, but when we find ourselves in a Karaoke bar, she brings that vitality to our crew, once again! As we croon through 80s metal bands and R.E.M., Tammy stops all the bar inhabitants in mid-drink as she embodies Stevie Nicks right down to her closed eyes and swaying hair. Perhaps on stage is where she finds herself the most comfortable.

10152544_10203827424833814_3468070599415909901_nTammy began her music career as a child spinning circles, dancing, and singing to records with her sister. As soon as the opportunity presented itself in the 6th grade, Tammy joined the school choir. And just kept going. While most students end their singing career in high school, Tammy was not satisfied with that being the end. When she left New Mexico to attend college in the east, she looked for ways to continue her love of singing on campus. pitchforksThere, she discovered her new love of acapella at Tufts University. That love for acapella came back West with her as she finished her schooling at Arizona State University. There she started not only the first acapella group at ASU, but in all of Arizona–take that GLEE! It appears that no matter where Tammy goes, she brings her ability to improve the lives of those around her simply by sharing her gifts.
10994333_685608778228164_5271621755821394106_nWhen she is not belting out ballads, or improving our lives, she is passing along her talents to her kids. She will smile and say, “I'm off to play taxi!” But we all know she is doing more than just taking her daughters and son to their various artistic and athletic endeavors. No matter what Tammy's kids are doing, she is right next to them cheering them on. One time when her 5 year old daughter had crossed the monkey bars, she and her husband beamed and congratulated this little person for being so brave and hard-working. It might have seemed like any old day at the playground to an onlooker, but to Tammy, it was a moment to be acknowledged and praised.

While we are not a bunch of five-year-olds achieving death-defying feats, we all want to feel acknowledged. Whether it is encouraging us to get our bums in shape with an incentive program, or hosting us all at her house for a pool party, Tammy does her best to let us know she cares about those around her. 10922495_10205815138045402_5510775612745469109_nWe are grateful that she cares for us as employees, as well as her friends. We might be a small company, but with Tammy of all Trades keeping us tethered together, we feel mighty!

Q & A with Tammy Lee Watson

  1. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds
  2. Heels or flats? Flip-flops or barefoot
  3. How do you like your coffee? Black
  4. If you were going to trade places with a Rockstar for a day who would it be? I'd actually rather trade places with a talented back-up singer for a legitimate (no lip-syncing) Rockstar.
  5. If you could master one instrument, what would it be? Since I actually played piano for 5 years as a child, it would feel good to master it. I also like the idea of mastering something more portable and that isn't linear (in other words, my brain hasn't wrapped around it), so guitar.
  6. Kittens or puppies? Kittens AND puppies, but I think I'd have better luck with puppies.
  7. Bunnies or sharks? Bunnies should go with the kittens and puppies and I am a sucker for fuzzy babies. Sharks are just magnificent, though. Definitely sharks.
  8. What's your spirit animal? I'm not sure what a spirit animal is, but Dolphin.
  9. Bird-watching or whale-watching? Whale-watching (there's a theme here).
  10. How difficult was it to answer these questions? Very. I don't have favorites; there is too much variety in books, songs, bands, food, movies and inventions to pick one above all others.





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