What You Should Be Binge Watching on Netflix During Your Next Editing Marathon

May 13, 2014


Elizabeth Langford

We've all been there. It's 10pm. Your house is quiet. Your bed is calling your name and your eyelids are feeling heavy, but you've got a mountain of editing to climb before your head can hit the pillow. So you pour yourself a cup of joe, sit down in front of your computer and will yourself to push on through. And then you remember… NETFLIX!! That's the ticket to staying awake for the next several hours! Binge watching a new (or old) series on Netflix is exactly what you need to motivate you to get started, keep going and get it finished. So here's a quick list of five shows to check out next time you've got an editing marathon to tackle.


Lost-Netflix-IMDB#1. Lost – If you didn't watch it the first go round when it was on the air (2004 – 2010), now's your chance to enjoy one of the most complicated, confusing and fascinating shows to ever air on television. Be warned, you'll either be sucked into the story and not be able to focus on editing efficiently… or you'll miss important details and find yourself quite literally lost in the story line. But hey, don't worry, even die hard Lost fans are quick to admit they were “lost” a great deal of the time while watching the series and I still don't think anyone knows (maybe even the writers) what the heck it was all about. Find out more about Lost on IMDB.com


Alias-IMDB-Netflix#2. Alias – If you love strong, intense, fearless female characters, it's time for you to meet Agent Sydney Bristow. Starring Jennifer Garner in the lead role, Alias is the perfect show to binge watch while editing. The story lines are interesting, but not complicated, making it easy to follow and actually keep working at the same time. What's really fun about watching Alias is comparing the “technology of the future” used in the show which was filmed between 2001 and 2006 with the tech gadgets we have now. Be sure to keep your eyes open for Marshall, one of the show's most endearing characters and the “lead gizmo geek”. Find out everything you need to know about Alias on IMDB.com


New Girl - FOX - IMDB#3. New Girl – While I hate to admit that New Girl has gone a bit off the rails in the second half of season three, seasons one and two are quite comical. If you enjoy (and miss) the goofy humor of shows like Friends and the witty banter of Cheers, New Girl would be perfect for you. Set in an industrial loft in Los Angeles it follows the antics of one woman and her three male roommates. Warning for those of you with kiddos… the content can be PG-13, so be sure the kiddos are in bed fast asleep before you turn up the volume and start editing away. I will admit to having binge watched two full seasons of New Girl in the span of about five days last February. Stop judging… it's easier to do than you'd think, considering each episode is just 22 minutes long. Check out the cast and details about New Girl on IMDB.com


Orange is the New Black - Netflix#4. Orange is the New Black – Let me start by saying that if you find New Girl offensive or evenly mildly inappropriate, you'll just want to skip right over Orange is the New Black. If you secretly love “shock value” you'll find the off-beat, jaded, multi-dimensional characters in this exclusive Netflix series endearing. But be warned, you will definitely want to be sure that your kids are in bed asleep before you turn this show on. Set in a women's correctional facility in upstate New York, Orange is the New Black follows the intersecting story lines of a group of incarcerated women and their behind bars trials, tribulations and escapades. The character develop is fantastic and before you know it you're hooked and rooting for your one or two favorites (and against the downright awful ones). Orange is the New Black on IMBD.com


House of Cards - IMDB - Netflix#5. House of Cards – If you love political thrillers, fast paced dialogue, complicated story lines and multi episode story arcs then House of Cards is going to quickly move it's way to the top of your binge watching list. Just like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards is a web series exclusive to Netflix and in reality, is so good you're going to want to give it your full attention. So instead save it for a long weekend when you have no editing, no plans, the pizza man on speed dial and a friend to text who has already seen it. Then sit back, relax and wait for Kevin Spacey to take you on a political thrill ride that will forever change the way you view insider D.C. politics. Find out more about House of Cards on IMDB.com.


Seriously this list could go on and on. There are just so many fantastic shows that you can go back and watch (or even re-watch). So what are your favorites? Share in the comments below!


Images for shows taken from IMDB.com




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