Packing List


12 days. Less than two weeks. We will all be together, at the Buttes, hugging our faces off, learning til our brains hurt, and laughing til our cheeks hurt. We can’t wait!

Are you ready? Have you already packed your bags? C’mon, admit it. Some of you Type A people have already started packing, haven’t you? Well, let’s compare notes and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything! And for the rest of you who might end up packing the morning of the 6th, try to remember these things:


Here is the extended forecast for our time together in Tempe:

As you can see, we are going to have some delightfully sunny, and warm days! Because this is how we roll in the desert! But keep in mind that 1. This is an extended forecast, and things could change drastically over the course of the next two weeks. 2. This is a weather forecast, is there an actual science to this thing? Maybe it will rain every day we’re together. Hopefully not. (Did I offend some of our meteorologist friends out there? I’m just kidding about the science thing… kind of…)

Keep in mind that when the sun is out- it is warm, but the second it starts to set, it gets chilly! So you are going to want to pack a light jacket and some sweaters. Maybe you East Coasters will think us desert dwellers are wimps, but you will be able to tell who the native Arizonans are because we will be bundled up in boots, scarves, and beenies, because this kind of weather is near freezing for us.

Here is a list of the awesome activities we have going on, so you can have the proper attire for these special events:

Sunday Night Reception on the Pool Deck: If you want you can bring your swim suit. This party is supposed to start at 6, which means the sun will be setting, and it may be a bit chilly. But the pool is supposed to be heated, and there is also a hot tub. If you aren’t signed up for a lot of extra shoots and breakout sessions, this will definitely be a fun place to hang out and make new friends during the day.

Blonde Bombshell Bifocals

Monday Night Rustler’s Rooste Western Night: You definitely do not HAVE TO dress up for this, but should you? FOR SURE! Cause dressing up is so fun! All things plaid, ten gallon, and chaps are highly recommended. Immediately following dinner will be a karaoke party. You don’t have to dress up for that either, but if you sing better while dressed like Mariah Carey, or Lady Gaga, more power to ya.
pic from, western pig, wild west party

Tuesday Night Freedom Ball: The theme of this ball is Red, White, and Blue because it’s Election Night! Come dressed to impress and ready to party! No pressure to spend tons of money on new threads, or the rental of tuxes. Wear what makes you happy and feel great. Check your jackets and your politcal views at the door. Thanks 😉


If you are signed up for a Styled Shoot, you are going to want to bring your camera, and battery packs, and other things that go with your camera. There is a riveting conversation happening in our United Facebook group talking about this very thing. Something about 24-70, 35, 50, 85, macros, everything, and nothing. As a non photographer, I have no idea about this stuff. But it sounds very interesting! Check it out, and add your own thoughts to the mix!

Also bring your computer and your website, no matter what stage of completion it is in! There will be opportunities to meet with a designer, and they will be able to go through your website with you with some tips on how you can improve your online presence!


Don’t forget to pack your happy pants and your learning cap. We are so excited to see all of your faces, hug you, and get to know you, and encourage you in all that you are doing. Things may not always go exactly as planned, maybe your flight will be delayed, or one of your bags might get lost, or it will rain all week when you were planning on getting a tan between sessions. You are also undoubtedly going to meet people who have different political views, but even though we are having this conference in the middle of the election, does not make this a political conference. Be respectful, be kind, try new things, meet new people. Let’s all try to remember why we are here at United: because we are UNITED – As creatives, as photographers, as entrepreneurs, as people wanting to better our businesses and ourselves and this community that we are in.

I am hoping that you don’t walk away from United shaking your head, thinking “Man, no one encouraged me. No one talked to me. I had a terrible time.” If we go into this thing with the idea of “Who is someone I am really excited to meet? Who can I encourage? Who is someone I really want to talk to?” then hopefully everyone can leave feeling like they encouraged others, and they themselves were encouraged in the process.

See you in less than two weeks my friends!

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