Packing List


When United starts, you will be in sunny, magical Arizona, surrounded by some of the most phenomenal humans on the face of this planet, learning, laughing, and scheming. Scheming on how to improve your business, and how to stay in touch with all your new friends.

Since you are going to be using so much of your brain power while you're at United, we wanted to spare you by helping you with your packing list.

We know that some of you Type A people have already started, and finished packing. Congrats. You win.

For you Type B personalities, we got you covered. Whether you end up packing on Saturday night, or Sunday morning before your flight, try not to forget these things:


We don't really understand ‘meteorology', being a photography website company and all. But according to our good friends at, they are predicting that the weather is going to be in the high-mid 70s every day, with lows in the 50s. All sunshine, most the time. Yay for the desert! But if you have never been to Arizona before, just know that when the sun is out – it feels pretty warm/kinda hot. But once the sun is gone, it can be legit CHILLY. So layers are going to be your best friend. Also since the ballroom gets pretty cold too. Arizona is serious about their air conditioning.


Awesome activities to be prepared for:

Sunday Night Reception on the Pool Deck: If you want to bring your swim suit, do it and you can go as casual or as dressy as you like — we've seen it all over the years. This will be a time to enjoy casual drinks and appetizers around the pool with no formal program. The party starts at 6, which means the sun will be setting, and it may be a bit chilly. This will definitely be a fun place to hang out, unwind, and make new friends as the week gets started. And be sure to find Nathan Holritz from Photographer's Edit to get your FREE DRINK!

Monday Night Fiesta De La Party: You definitely DO NOT have to dress up for this…but you sure can if you'd like! This year is all about Fiesta! Ole! The dinner is at Rustler's Rooste, so dress warmly as the restaurant is partially outdoors (or without walls).

Immediately following dinner will be a karaoke party. You don't have to dress up for that either, but be thinking about what you want to sing NOW, and start practicing! There may or may not be talent scouts watching ­čÖé

Tuesday Night Black and Gold Ball: The theme of the ball this year is Black and Gold (metallic)! Come dressed to impress and ready to party AND dance! No need to spend tons of money on new threads. Wear what makes you happy and feel great. If you need some Pinspiration, check out our Pinterest board dedicated to the ball!


Metallic gold suit. For the man who isn't afraid to sweat in his suit and have it stick to him like Ross Gellar's leather pantsBlack and Gold Metallic Bridesmaid Gown | HWL Picks for a Metallic Fall WeddingWomen's 1920 Downton Abbey Inspired Clothing


If you are signed up for a Styled Shoot, you are going to want to bring your camera, and battery packs, and other things that go with your camera. There is a riveting conversation happening in our United Facebook group talking about this very thing. Something about 24-70, 35, 50, 85, macros, everything, and nothing. As a non photographer, I have no idea about this stuff. But it sounds very interesting! Check it out, and add your own thoughts to the mix!

And since you will want to be taking lot of pics with your new, and old friends, and doing your Instagram stories and what not, you definitely want to consider an extra battery source!

Also, you don't have to, but you can bring your computer and your website, no matter what stage of completion it is in! There will be opportunities to meet with a designer, and they will be able to go through your website with you with some tips on how you can improve your online presence!


Don't forget to pack your happy pants and your learning cap. We are so excited to see all of your faces, hug you, and get to know you, and encourage you in all that you are doing. Things may not always go exactly as planned, maybe your flight will be delayed, or one of your bags might get lost, or it will rain all week (seriously meteorologists have been wrong before) when you were planning on getting a tan between sessions. As long as we all have great attitudes, and we are┬árespectful, kind, and willing to try new thing.Let's all try to remember why we are here at United: because we are UNITED – As creatives, as photographers, as entrepreneurs, as people wanting to better our businesses and ourselves and this community that we are in.

I am hoping that you don't walk away from United shaking your head, thinking “Man, no one encouraged me. No one talked to me. I had a terrible time.” If we go into this thing with the idea of “Who is someone I am really excited to meet? Who can I encourage? Who is someone I really want to talk to?” then hopefully everyone can leave feeling like they encouraged others, and they themselves were encouraged in the process.

See you in less than two weeks my friends!

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