As wedding photographers we all know that things don't always go according to plan. In fact, they rarely do. While some things aren't easily solved, some are and I've spent quite a while compiling a collection of things that have proven themselves indispensible. I like to call it the ‘uh-oh kit.' I keep everything separated […]

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The Uh-Oh Wedding Kit

  Time Management is a hard thing- true struggle for most small business owners. While at photography conferences these past two years, I have had the privilege of listening to some of the greats in the industry explain how they learned to manage their time, how they failed at managing their time, and what improvements […]

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Time Management- Kaitlin Hebert

Usually when you say things three times in a row, its sticks better. So lets try this, CONTRACTS…CONTRACTS…CONTRACTS! If you are a photographer and are shooting ANYTHING for ANYONE without a contract STOP! Contracts are so important…and 100% NECESSARY! In fact, they are SO important, that I make my friends and extended family sign them, […]

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Do I Really Need to Send Out Contracts?!

We live in a rapidly changing world. We log into Facebook, and there are 55 new notifications to look at. Our newsfeeds are totally slammed with links to the latest cute dog video, or a friend’s funny kid, or a heartbreaking news story. In an effort to focus, we narrow things down: Facebook groups, the […]

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Connecting in the Community: Finding your Place in a Busy World

Featured Showiteer Caroline Raush of Caroline Logan Photography chats about community, inspiration and starting her photography business at a young age.

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Caroline Raush | Featured Showiteer

Okay- just admit it. Be honest. As photographers, we can be a bit… shall we say… “unwilling to spend” a ton of money on products. I'm not talking about camera gear, because all those shiny, new, top-notch toys are obviously NECESSARY. I'm talking about other stuff that isn't critical to our survival, like food, clothes, […]

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Five Things you should NEVER Groupon

Showiteer of the week Katrina Jackson discusses her senior portrait photography business and the importance of balancing focus on both her business and family.

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Katrina Jackson | Featured Showiteer

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