Why is brand authority important? You are a serious business. I mean, you’re a creative business. But you are a real, professional, serious one that demands to be taken seriously! Yet people don’t take you seriously. It’s not you. It may be your brand though! We have Tiereny Allen-Green on this week’s webinar and she […]

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3 Simple Steps to Boost your Brand Authority

Did you know that the number of jobs the average person has in their lifetime has gone up? According to a study by the Labor Dept, the average person no longer has 7 jobs in a lifetime, but 15! 15 jobs in one lifetime! And, did you know that he average millionaire has about 7 […]

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How to Have 2 Businesses in 1 Website

How to turn 2 businesses into 1 website

It’s a question that’s been asked by photographers all over – do you watermark images on social media or not? While there’s no clear cut and dry answer, and the preference falls to the photographer, there are pros and cons to posting watermarked images on social media. Pros : The pros of watermarking in social […]

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The Gathering Place : Watermarks on Social Media

Four years ago when I bought my first DSLR, I barely knew how to use it, let alone had a CLUE what branding was. My first website was a free Wix site with their own branding slapped all across the page, my colors were black and pink. Seriously, black and pink?!?! That's not even close […]

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Design Stories | My Experience Working with Katie Durski

Now that I know better, I'm ashamed to say that I used to be one of those people that thought a brand was something you could buy out of a box. For years, I played around with Showit and branding kits until I got something that looked great (and because Showit is so awesome, I […]

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Design Stories | My Experience Working with Melissa Love

I love the power of Showit plus WordPress for a website and blog. It’s like a double roundhouse kick to the face for your SEO, and both platforms have such great perks for design and functionality. You may have noticed though that while Showit is fairly straightforward as far as designing your site, WordPress may […]

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3 Easy Ways to Make Your Site and Blog More Cohesive

Creating a brand is no easy task. Creating a brand that is a reflection of you isn't any easier. Creating a brand that reflects you AND stands the test of time…is the hardest challenge of all. I work with many photographers and other vendors to create tailored brands for them and something I often hear […]

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Building Inspiration for a Beautiful Brand

Showit designers are unique in that we are like one big group of friends, instead of really seeing ourselves as competition for each other. I set out to interview Louise Ross of The Autumn Rabbit for this month’s Featured Showit Design Smith article, not only to learn more about her business, but to get to […]

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Meet the Design Smiths | Louise Ross

Color can set the tone for everything, evoke emotions, and make your clients think and feel different things. This is why your brand’s color palette is a crucial part of your brand, and something that you should think through. Pay attention as you go places, both in person and on the web, to the colors […]

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Choosing Your Branding Color Palette

I get this question emailed to me on at least a weekly basis: “I’m kind of new to the photography business and I don’t know if I’m ready for a brand, but I’m not attracting the right clients (or any clients) to my business, what should I do?” As a designer, I’ve seen various effects […]

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Which Came First, The Business or the Brand?

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