It’s almost Christmas my friends! 13 days to be exact. Are you finished with your Christmas shopping? I’m not even close! This week, we want to help you guys out with some of those pesky gifts you need to get for your friends and family that you can’t find a gift for! Today’s post is […]

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The Wonderful Gift of: Philanthropy

Vanessa Joy shares her 4 favorite gifts for clients and how to incorporate gift giving into your workflow so that every one of your clients will feel loved and rave about you. About Vanessa Joy Vanessa is a photographer and Showiteer that will be speaking at the upcoming WPPI conference on “Wedding Photography Workflow.” Check […]

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Live: 4 Gifts Your Clients Will Love with Vanessa Joy

“Do not just give to give, put thought and intention into every gift you give, otherwise your gift will fall flat and so will your passion to gift again.” If you feel burdened by picking out the perfect gift or if you are just buying something you are not passionate about, how can you expect […]

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How to Gift and Spoil Your Clients | The Art of Gift Giving

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