I remember when I first started my business and I realized that networking was going to be a real thing I had to actually do. Before I became a photographer, I used to work for a textbook publishing company, dealing with professors and hiring them to proofread math content. Super exciting… In my mind “networking” […]

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The Introvert’s Guide to Networking Like a Boss

In an interaction with another photographer yesterday, something happened to me. I was chatting with him and he said, “It’s refreshing to have realism. I mean you hear about the Mouseketeers or whatever being all happy and sparkly, and then when you’ve been in the industry for a while you realize that’s NOT what it’s […]

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More than Unicorns – Five Reasons Community Rocks

I'm about to share my serious secrets to success. I mean super secret stuff. Get ready for me to rock your world. 1. Make it easy for people to find you I know this is super obvious, but trust me a lot of you are not easy to find. Yes you. Sitting there reading this […]

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Top 3 Marketing Tips to Help You Book More Wedding Clients

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