Running a senior photography business is hard. Running a successful senior photography business that makes an impact is even harder – but worth the extra work! Learn more here!

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How to Build a Successful Senior Photography Business

Senior photgraphy photographer, Laylee Emadi Smith

When wedding days have come to pass and you’re so excited to share those beautiful images, its easy to feel deflated when they don’t reach far through social media. There’s one thing you can do, however to make sure you give your stunning images a boost when you’re posting them : credit the vendors that […]

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The Gathering Place: Extending Your Social Media Reach

One of my absolute favorite things about wedding days is getting to work with incredible photographers. As videographers, Bobby and I spend most of the day with not only the bride and the groom but also the photographers, creating alongside them. We generally introduce ourselves saying, “Hey I'm Mycah one of the videographers, and this […]

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Collaborating with Videographers

Post-conference withdrawals: It hits you like a semi once you board your plane and set out for home. In this post we take a closer look into what makes this time together so special and what we can do in the meantime before we join forces again!

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Post-Conference Withdrawals

Intrigue Design & Decor owner Sarah Campbell-Angers shares what sets her apart and what it means to be a great boss!

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Sarah Campbell | Featured Showiteer

Callie Beale discusses three things that you can do in just fifteen minutes every day to drastically improve your business.

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Fifteen Minutes to a Better Business

Welcome back to Community Comment!! As you may know, this little snippet is focused on getting to know the cool peeps in the Showit community. The animals… the animals… If you know what song that is, then you may be just as depraved as I am, but it got me thinking- If you were an […]

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Community Comment-What Animal Would you Be… and Why?

Fact: the Showiteer community on Facebook has some of the coolest people ever. Fact: the Showiteer community on Facebook moves 1.8975 times faster than the speed of light, and it can be difficult to REALLY get to know people. Alright, you got me- that second one may not be ENTIRELY based on scientific fact, but […]

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Community Comment-What is something that you’re awesome at BESIDES photography?

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind, wanting to start again? 
-Katy Perry I've been there. I've experienced that solitary drifting feeling, wondering if I'm doing the right thing, wondering if I need to rebrand, restart, or just scrap everything. I've spent hours enviously pouring over other photographer's websites, drooling […]

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The Power of Community

Showiteer of the week Katrina Jackson discusses her senior portrait photography business and the importance of balancing focus on both her business and family.

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Katrina Jackson | Featured Showiteer

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