Jefferson Todd Pals, who most know as JT, has two modes. Intense JT is focused and is so fiercely task-oriented, he can seem almost unapproachable. Content JT is friendly, lighthearted, and enjoys all that goes on in this busy Mothership. With Showit UNITED just last month and Showit 5 rolling out soon, Intense JT has […]

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Jefferson Todd Pals

…(and then probably behind that man!) Every Monday morning we have full company meetings. It starts with our boss talking about the company as a whole, and then we have to participate in the dreaded “Around the Horn” activity. On a team mostly compiled of humble introverts, you can imagine that speaking in a company-wide […]

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Aaron – The Man Behind the Curtain

When you find out Elizabeth Langford was a collegiate cheerleader (for the Oregon Ducks), everything makes sense. She has enough spunk to out-perk the peppiest competition. When she isn’t bursting with optimism, she has her head down, working through her latest project with vigor and tenacity. If for some reason you must interrupt her workflow, […]

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Effervescent Elizabeth

We aren’t sure if he knows it, but almost every person on our crew has a girl in mind they want to set up with John. True, he is the only single person on staff here at Showit. That’s not the reason everyone is so eager for John to meet their single female friend. It’s […]

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John, Our Survival Guru

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