Have you be able to step away from your computer long enough to notice it’s July already? If you have to edit photos, you have to edit photos. However, there is no reason to add to your time indoors and becoming a slave to social media. This month you have to promise yourself that you […]

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How to Use a Social Media Calendar to Ensure July is Full of #IRL Fun!

The one thing we can never seem to find more of is time. It dribbles and drips away faster than an ice cream on a July day. That’s why developing processes and systems that help you work in your business efficiently are so important to building a long lasting business. Getting those systems and workflows […]

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Time Saving Tips for Your Business

Last week we shared how having a great editing system can save you hours and allow you to RECLAIM YOUR LIFE! Not only did we share testimonies from photographers who have adopted our lightning-fast editing system (and cut down their editing time by HOURS) but we shared a few of our top five Post-Production Productivity […]

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5 Essential Keys to Incredibly Fast Post-Production (part 2)!

As we have toured the country and literally spoken to THOUSANDS of photographers at workshops, events and gatherings, we have realized that the biggest time-sucker in most photography businesses is image editing and work flow. The average wedding photographer in America is spending around 18-22 hours JUST editing a wedding shoot! This steals time away […]

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5 Essential Keys to Incredibly Fast Post-Production|Part 1 of 2

  Time Management is a hard thing- true struggle for most small business owners. While at photography conferences these past two years, I have had the privilege of listening to some of the greats in the industry explain how they learned to manage their time, how they failed at managing their time, and what improvements […]

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Time Management- Kaitlin Hebert

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